3 Examples of How to Easily Innovate and Personalise Your Newsletters

Posted by Alegría 10 Dec 18


As our consumer census showed, 75% of customers are still feeling misunderstood by the retailers whooleg-laptev-546607-unsplash copy engage with them. To create memorable marketing campaigns, personalisation needs to feel truly centred around the customer and their needs and interests, and add to their overall experience.

But when it comes to newsletters in particular, for many marketers there is a worry that it may create an extra workload to get all the multiple templates created to go out to your specific customer groups.

But we think it's totally worth it, because a) there are simple ways to be both innovative and efficient b) your customers will love it and c) the below examples are proof of this. 

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Personalisation in Practice: How Manière de Voir used behavioural data to pre-empt customer needs

Posted by Alegría 8 Nov 18

Founded in 2014 with the aim of creating luxury clothing and unisex accessories, Manière De Voir now MdV wants to make high end clothing more accessible both via price point and its online stores.

Guided by the three core brand principles ‘great design, premium quality, customer value’ the clothes retailer showcases its distinct style and the comfort of their items by maximising the use of multiple channels. Via social media especially, customers are encouraged to show off their wares and the brand continues to cultivate a strong following, regardless of gender.

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Consumer Census 2018: What 16-24 year olds tell us about the future of marketing

Posted by Alegría 18 Oct 18

kipras-streimikis-589185-unsplash copyDemanding, easily distracted and suffering from ‘avocado hand’: Millennials often get a bad rap. And what of their successors, Gen Z? Digital natives, Snapchat addicts who are more concerned with taking a great selfie than partying (according to some).

Whether or not these titles are deserved, both groups represent the future, shaping expectations about how brands should communicate with customers for years to come.

As part of our Consumer Census we looked at the responses from these two generations tell us about the future of marketing. Here are 5 things we found:


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Three Ways Astrid & Miyu Are Personalising The Customer Journey

Posted by Alegría 3 Oct 18

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 17.37.04Started in 2012, contemporary jewellery brand Astrid & Miyu has built itself a cult status amongst influencers and celebrities alike. Specialising in “stackable” jewellery, the brand worn by the likes of model Chloe Lloyd, influencer Lydia Millen and reality tv host Alesha Dixon, invites shoppers to express their individuality and tastes through their eclectic ranges.

Encouraging a distinct personal style has become a signature of the brand and it wanted to make sure that this was reflecting in the marketing messages - with a particular focus on creating personalised experiences for shoppers at different stages of the customer lifecycle.

Astrid & Miyu’s marketing team recognised that taking a more personalised approach to their marketing would reap rewards. But they were prevented from putting this into action by their ESP, which didn't give them any sort of meaningful customer insight or the means to segment or tailor their emails to the individual recipient. There was very little personalisation and an inability to dig into the data to truly learn about its customer.

Calling upon Ometria, the brand is now able to create more sophisticated campaigns - both newsletter and automated - that are individually personalised based on insights provided by the platform.

Shoppers at different stages of the customer journey receive emails campaigns that are specific to their interactions with the jeweller. This means they are able to create truly personalised experiences for their shoppers, increasing customer lifetime value and fostering loyalty.

“We can use the data to truly learn how the recipient wants to be engaged with, and change the layout of the campaign following insights on what is the most impactful” - Georgia Sheehan, Marketing Executive

This blog will explore three examples of eye-catching automated campaigns Astrid & Miyu have implemented. 

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Christmas Checklist: 3 Simple Steps To Take Now For A More Personalised Festive Season

Posted by Alegría 13 Sep 18



The festive period is a retail marketer’s busiest and most competitive. With the average shopper willing to spend £500 more during the holiday season, this means that the number of retailers vying for their attention is at a high, so the amount of emails in their inbox, increases rapidly.

In this frantic period, it can be incredibly difficult to ensure that the interactions are meaningful, personalised and strategy-led. But it is possible.

A sure-fire way to stand out from the batch-and blast attack of your competitors is to advance your automation and personalisation strategies. Using tactics like segmentation and dynamic content you can stand out by creating tailored messages that engage customers fatigued by the onslaught of generic content in their inbox.

Sending emails that appeal to customers on a personal level will not only have short-term gain in helping you hit holiday season targets; you’re also setting the foundation for long-term relationship building and engagement.

The tactics don’t need to be labour intensive but they do need to be prepared ahead of shopping surge. In this blogpost we are going to show you the three non time-consuming essentials for preparing ahead of time to have your christmas strategy securely wrapped up.

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