The Common Thread: Why we created a podcast especially for retail marketers

Posted by Alegría 20 Nov 19

Podcasts are a growing form of communication. Everywhere you look there’s another being created, TCT logoserving a wide or very specific audience, and as noted at our conference and in our census, the tastes of consumers and the free -time they have is changing. There are 750,000 active podcasts in 2019 alone, with over 30 million episodes online now. So, you're probably wondering "Why on earth would you want to be podcast #750,001?" Well, there are no podcasts specifically for retail marketers with knowledge being shared by actual retail marketers; so, we said "Hey, we should make that!". And thus The Common Thread was born. 

Our CEO spoke about the importance of adding value to the time your messages and interactions take away from your customers and as our customers we want to continue to adapt and mature in our aims of providing you with content that assists, intrigues and teaches you how to work towards providing marketing experiences your customers will love.

And this mission is the backbone of the podcast. We asked each guest how they are creating those experiences and what the obstacles they've faced maintaining them. The Common Thread’ highlights the clear pattern we saw emerging as we spoke to retail marketers, regardless of the vertical or audience. The podcast has been showing that there are common shared threads of practice, challenge and innovation that your peers are discussing and attempting.

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Three big takeaways from the Consumer Census 2019

Posted by Alegría 8 Nov 19

As a retail marketer you want to provide your customers with “great” experiences. This much is obvious,but lies behind amazing customer experiences?  We spoke to 4,000 consumers about their expectations, likes and dislikes in our latest piece of research, which you can download from the Ometria Academy. Here are the top 3 takeaways.

CC19 front cover (1)

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What we learned from keynote speakers at Lifecycle19

Posted by Alegría 1 Nov 19


The doors of Printworks have closed to Lifecycle this year, but the new information and salient talking points from the keynote speakers are sure to still be buzzing in everyone’s ears. Whether discovering how to empower your team to drive brand identity or the actual impact of your irrelevant messages on your customers - this year, each keynote drove home new food for thought. Below, we’ve picked 5 from the first day of the conference and their top takeaways.

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The DNA of your emails: making html changes when you don’t code

Posted by Wassif 4 Oct 19


We know that as a marketer your job involves wearing many hats, some hats that you didn’t expect to bryan-garces-zwo-0E7l1ZI-unsplashhave on. These skills gaps can sometimes impact your want to create campaigns that match the expectations of your brand, and sometimes can cause a lag in getting campaigns out the door. Ever wondered about that code that makes your emails beautiful but are too afraid to look into the backend? This blog post will break down the simple tweaks you can make without the need of an engineering or design team.

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Deliverability on Black Friday: 3 things you need to know

Posted by Beth 11 Sep 19


In our latest download, ‘The Black Friday Survival Guide’ we go into depth about the importance of header pic-01 copypreparation for the Cyber weekend, and how it makes all the difference. When it comes to deliverability, having all your inbox ducks in a row is equally key to success during one of the busiest retail periods of the year.

We’re all familiar with one of the mammoth struggles - creating all your multiple campaigns, but the next hurdle is making sure they’re actually received (because your competitors will also be flooding their inboxes during Black Friday). So, how do you ensure the campaigns you’ve worked so hard on actually meet the gaze of your customers?

Here at Ometria, we see deliverability as an integral part of the overall campaign execution. This blogpost is going to give you a concise breakdown of the essentials you need to have in play ahead of the retail mayhem.

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