How 7 Retailers Use Welcome Emails to Tell Their Brand Story

Posted by Hannah Stacey 4 Aug 15

shutterstock_195029612In the ever-crowded online retail space, brand storytelling is becoming essential for any online retailer wanting to set themselves apart from the crowd and build a database of loyal customers and prospects.

Welcome emails are a great (and relatively untapped) opportunity to achieve brand buy-in early on in the customer journey - at a time when it's perhaps most important to make a great impression and foster connections.

This blog post will take a look at seven online retailers that use their welcome emails as an opportunity for some good old brand storytelling. By that, we mean that their emails:

  • Have a clear brand tone of voice

  • Convey the brand’s values and ethos

  • Tell the brand’s story

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The bold British clothing retailer puts more effort than most into onboarding new subscribers with a series of triggered welcome emails. We love the second in the series - pictured below - which is dedicated to selling the benefits of the brand. 

Why we love it

- The email is entirely dedicated to introducing new subscribers to Boden’s brand values and proposition in a clever editorial style so as not to appear too salesy.

- It includes a quote from a ‘real’ customer sharing her experience with Boden, helping verify the claims the email makes. Social proof 'n all that jazz.

J. Crew

The US retail giant sends a series of four welcome emails over a six-day period, before transitioning new subscribers into regular broadcast emails.

The second in the series, the email below is dedicated to introducing the brand’s product range (the other emails introduce J. Crew’s personal shopping service and social media accounts).

Why we love it

- The email starts with a personal note from the company’s creative director.

- It clearly sets out J. Crew’s product proposition, in the opening note and later in the ‘get to know us’ section.

- It encourages recipients to add to their brand experience by visiting a physical store.


The new ‘cool girl’ brand on the block sells itself on making ‘killer clothes that don’t kill the environment’, and this strong ethical message is echoed in its welcome email.


Why we love it

- The tone of the email makes the recipient feel like they’re joining a movement, immediately creating a sense of membership and exclusivity.

- The primary call to action of the email is to take a virtual tour of Reformation’s factory - reinforcing the brand’s values.

- The alpaca <3


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Warby Parker

We’ve been proud members of the Warby Parker fandom since the company’s ‘Warby Barker’ April Fools spoof in 2012, and its welcome emails don’t disappoint.

Why we love it

- The email is completely in keeping with the brand’s witty, friendly tone of voice.

- It clearly sets out Warby Parker’s ethical credentials, encouraging recipients to read more about the company’s policy of giving a pair of glasses to someone in need with every purchase.


The cult cosmetics brand's welcome email is a veritable content feast, offering new subscribers a whole host of ways to engage and get back on-site.

Why we love it

- The email is designed in the same striking theme as the MAC website, and the copy reinforces the brand’s expertise and in the makeup field.

- It encourages recipients to get to know MAC’s makeup artists by watching their how-to videos, building brand loyalty.


Not all retailers have a rich, century-old history to draw upon when telling their brand story. Hunter has just that, and does a great job of working it into their welcome series.

Why we love it

We love how Hunter gives us a mini history lesson in its welcome email, introducing us to the brand’s humble beginnings in vulcanised rubber. Fascinating stuff.


The women’s fashion retailer has designed a welcome email that really taps into the interests of its target market of fashion-conscious millennials.

Why we love it

- It’s aspirational - introducing each key team member under the headline ‘wanna work in fashion?’.

- It appeals to recipients’ inquisitive streaks, offering them a ‘sneak peak’ behind the scenes at Missguided.

Key takeaways

When it comes to creating killer welcome emails that introduce new subscribers to your brand and its values, you should consider the following:

  • Tone of voice - is the tone of your email in-keeping with the rest of your communications? Your welcome emails are your first big opportunity to showcase your brand, so make sure your copy is spot on.

  • Brand history - does your company have an interesting story? If the answer is ‘yes’, your welcome email is a great opportunity to use your history to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack and make your brand more memorable. If the answer is ‘no’, all is not lost - there are more options!

  • Founding teams - consumers like to know there are ‘real people’ behind brand names - consider introducing your founding team, or key members of staff.

  • Behind the scenes - make people feel like they’re part of an exclusive club of insiders by giving them a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes at your brands.

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