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Lead to Customer: How to Convince New Subscribers to Make a First Purchase

Posted by Huw Jenkins 1 Sep 17

how to convince a lead to make a first purchase post Like a freshly-baked croissant commanding you from across a busy street, converting online passers-by requires a simple law: attraction.

Without the fruits of well-scented pastries and lovely shop assistants, online retailers need to employ a host of alternative marketing tools to get new prospects shopping.

Once someone has subscribed to your brand there's a very narrow window to make the most of the heightened period of engagement and lock down the holy, almighty, SACRED first sale and lay the foundations of future engagement. 

In a world where less than 3 per cent of visitors convert into paying customers, this post explores the different ways retailers are targetting new subscribers who are yet to buy - looking specifically at:

  1. Welcome Series
  2. Cart and browse abandonment emails, personalised by lifecycle stage
  3. On-site and email marketing banners and/or headers
  4. Custom Audiences 

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20 reasons to love NET-A-PORTER’s welcome email series

Posted by Huw Jenkins 12 Feb 17

“Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast,” wrote Shakespeare in the The Comedy of Errors in 1594. The same rings true 423 years later. 

A well-crafted welcome series is a virtual extension of a warm (un-clammy) handshake, embracing your new prospect into the fold and inviting them to feast upon the fruits of your product range.

People that read at least one welcome message read more than 40% of their messages from the sending brand during the following 180 days, according to a recent study by Return Path, so it's clear how important it is to get things right. 

We’ve singled out this awesome welcome series from NET-A-PORTER for turning a humble email into an online opportunity to build trust, earn respect and score sales. 

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Lessons from the ecommerce brands owning social media right now

Posted by Huw Jenkins 16 Nov 16

shutterstock_184400693.pngAccording to Business Insider, referrals alone from social media sites increased almost 200% from 2014 to 2015.

Fastforward to 2016 and social commerce is hotter than ever, with social giants Pinterest, Facebook and - most recently - Instagram all taking the steps needed to become completely shoppable. 

As the pace of (ecommerce) change continues to accelerate, we've taken a step back to reflect on the retailers owning social media right now.

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How to Calculate Repeat Purchase Rate in Ecommerce

Posted by Huw Jenkins 21 Jul 16

repeat customer rate ecommerce

Put (very) simply, the repeat purchase rate is the proportion of customers that have shopped more than once.

In a nutshell, repeat rate shows you the percentage of your current customer base that has come back to to shop again: a metric which is influenced by your efforts at customer retention and is a pretty good measure of loyalty, often taken into account by marketers to evaluate performance. 

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4 Big Stories in Ecommerce Marketing You Should Have Read This Week

Posted by Huw Jenkins 17 Jun 16

giphy_19.gifYAAS it's Friday. A day more precious than Christmas itself, because it happens every week (and there are 53 of the precious little things in 2016). So happy #FridayFeeling to one and all.

Before we get started, what stories have been passing around the desks at Ometria HQ this week? Euro 2016 has kicked off, and with England scoring THAT last-minute goal, Wales were left broken. In first world problem news: high prices and surging demand have sparked a spate of avocado thefts in New Zealand. Yes seriously. But don't worry, #Twiddleswift is here to restore our faith in love and humanity. 

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