On the First Day of Christmas Ocado Sent to Me...

Posted by James Dunford Wood 18 Dec 14

In this Christmassy How to Win at Ecommerce blog post, James Dunford Wood spins a festive tale, putting an ecommerce twist on John Julius Norwich's 12 days of Christmas parody.

125th December 2014

Hi - Just received a rather wonderful delivery: a Partridge from Ocado, though rather weirdly it was attached to a miniature Pear Tree. Was that you? I’ve planted out the tree in the conservatory and roasted the partridge. I do think it’s a good idea for us to spend Christmas apart, despite everything. But it’s thoughtful of you to think of me all alone down here. xxxxxx

2-126th December 2014

Amazing! Ocado was back again this morning! 2 ‘turtle doves’ from Waitrose, this time alive. Really, you need not have bothered. I wondered what you wanted me to do with them? I’m ashamed to say I let them out of their cage and they disappeared beyond the hedge at the end of the garden. Thinking of you, and how you are coping. xxxxx


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8 Tips for Using Popups to Grow Your Mailing List (Without Annoying Your Visitors)

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 16 Dec 14

shutterstock_119508370It’s easy to get frustrated at those in-your-face lightboxes that immediately pop up when you enter a website, asking for personal information before you’ve even seen what the site has to offer.

From a consumer point-of-view, these popups (a.k.a popovers or lightboxes) are annoyingly delaying the main goal of the visit - checking the site’s products out. Because of that, many retailers often avoid using email signup popups in their webstores, afraid of high bounce rates.

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How To Send Great Lapsed Customer Win-Back Emails

Posted by Hannah Stacey 12 Dec 14

We’ve all heard it before: acquiring a new customer is usually more costly than getting an already-acquired customer to repurchase. Alright, we know, we get the picture.

But given that we all know how valuable repeat customers are, it’s surprising how little effort many online retailers put into re-activating customers that have dropped off the radar, especially those who have been great customers in the past. Surely getting these guys on board is an easy win, no?

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10 Examples of Great Storytelling in Ecommerce

Posted by Edward Gotham 10 Dec 14

shutterstock_210160081In recent years, the barriers to entry in ecommerce have dropped significantly. As a result, if you're an ecommerce brand, it's become increasingly hard to differentiate from other companies and achieve great profits.

One very effective way of distinguishing your brand from others is by great storytelling. A good story can turn a lifeless brand into one that has meaning; a company whose image and values resonate with its target market.

This is not an easy thing to achieve, but some of the fastest-growing and most successful ecommerce stores of the last five years have used this strategy to their advantage.

Here are a few ecommerce storytelling examples from brands that are nailing it. At the end of this post I will deconstruct the examples below to analyse what the key components of great storytelling are so you can attempt to replicate it yourself. 

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Who’s Winning at Christmas So Far? Our 10 Favourite Festive Emails

Posted by Hannah Stacey 5 Dec 14

It’s the first week of December and things are hotting up, big time - and not just the mulled wine. As the deadline fast approaches for the less organised among us (guilty as charged) to get those last minute Christmas pressie orders in before it’s too late, online retailers are pulling out the big guns in the email stakes to get people buying.

When consumers have a barrage of Christmassy emails flooding their inboxes every day, standing out from the crowd is incredibly important for online retailers. Here are our top ten favourites from the festive season so far (click on the title to open the whole email).

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