6 Super Effective Tactics for Growing Your Email List

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 30 Jan 15

shutterstock_243011872It is now widely acknowledged (and proven) that email is one of the best channels for ecommerce marketers to grow and engage with their customer base.

According to American Express, the reason email works so well as a B2C communication tool is that consumers are firmly in control of it: they decide whether they want to read it, delete it or unsubscribe for good. And it is this power that (somewhat unconsciously) encourages visitors to sign up to ecommerce newsletters if they specifically like your products, and they want to take advantage of an incentive you’re offering.

Having said that, growing your email list with interested subscribers that purchase regularly and are brand advocates is the ultimate goal, and is also a big challenge for marketers.

We have gathered 6 good ways to help you increase your mailing list:

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How to Create a Killer Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Posted by Edward Gotham 23 Jan 15

shutterstock_167152856Great marketing campaigns emanate from a solid initial strategy. As Benjamin Franklin once said:

“Failure to plan is planning to fail”

So in this post we will show you how to create a killer ecommerce marketing strategy to drive your ecommerce business ahead of your competitors. In order to give some context to each section, I’ll be giving you excerpts from the marketing strategy for a fictitious ecommerce company in the fashion industry called ‘Danakil’.

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Butterfly Metrics: 4 Key Metrics For Monitoring The Health Of Your Ecommerce Business

Posted by James Dunford Wood 16 Jan 15

butterflyIn chaos theory, the butterfly effect allows the possibility that a butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico can cause a hurricane in China. It may take a long time, and multiple other causes and effects will come into play along the way, but the direct connection between the two is a real one. If the butterfly had not flapped its wings at just the right time and in just the right location, the hurricane in China would not have happened. 

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5 Ways Online Retailers Can Boss It on YouTube

Posted by Hannah Stacey 9 Jan 15

Untitled_design_-_CanvaYouTube - with its billion unique monthly users, 6 billion hours of footage watched a month and increasingly influential army of experts, reviewers and vloggers - can seem both an exciting and a daunting prospect when it comes to cutting through the noise and promoting your brand.

For ecommerce marketers in particular, the platform presents a very specific set of challenges from a content marketing perspective: how do I reach the right people? What kind of content should I be producing? How do I get people from viewing my videos to spending money in my store?

Here are five ways that online retailers are making their YouTube marketing efforts a success.

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5 Lessons I Learned from the Best Ecommerce Founders

Posted by Ivan Mazour 7 Jan 15

shutterstock_225040663One of the most stimulating aspects of being the founder of Ometria is that I get to spend a lot of time with some of the greatest ecommerce founders in the UK and beyond - people who have started - and scaled - some of the largest and most successful ecommerce businesses. While the verticals in which they operate, and the business models they pursue, are almost always different, there are also many fascinating similarities.

As an individual, and at Ometria, we consider the desire to learn to be one of the most vital character traits and so over the past few years, as I’ve got to know these founders, I’ve done my best to learn from them and to truly understand what has allowed them to build the great businesses they’ve been able to build.

I want to share the five most important lessons below.

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