10 Cool Ideas for Making your Category Pages Less Boring

Posted by Hannah Stacey 28 Aug 14

In the hierarchy of pages on an ecommerce website, the lowly category page probably feels a little, well, un-loved. Sandwiched between a show-stopping homepage and carefully-crafted, persuasive product pages, category pages are essentially a bit of a stop-over, designed to move visitors down the purchasing journey.

While from the outset category pages may seem a little formulaic, varying very little from site to site with their grid-based layout (undoubtedly because this format works), some top online retailers are spicing theirs up a little. Here are ten ways they’re going about it:

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[Video] Some Useful Tips for Using Product Page Design to Reduce Return Rates

Posted by Hannah Stacey 26 Aug 14

Returned items can cause a headache for many online retailers. In this video from Ometria’s latest breakfast seminar, renowned ecommerce expert Dr Mike Baxter talks through some tactics online retailers can employ to nip returns in the bud, even before a purchase is made.

These hacks, alongside 11 others are now available in a free download: Ecommerce Conversion Hacking - 12 hacks for improving your online selling power



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Combating Consumer Apathy: How to Create Content which Resonates

Posted by Guest Writer 21 Aug 14

Creating brilliant content is becoming evermore important for online retailers wanting to connect with customers and potential customers online. In this guest post, Hannah Smith from Distilled discusses how fashion retailers should go about it.

“In Europe and the US, consumers would not care if 92% of brands disappeared.”

~ source


If your brand ceased to exist tomorrow, it’s likely that no one would care.

That’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

Consumers’ expectations are evolving and they are far more savvy today than they once were. If they actively dislike your brand, or what your brand stands for, then they easily able to find alternatives.

In an attempt to combat consumer apathy and engender brand advocacy, many companies are rethinking the way they approach customers both on and offline. There are of course a huge variety of tactics being used, but today I’ll be looking specifically at how fashion brands are leveraging online content to engage with their audiences and drive traffic and sales.

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Could Credit Card Scanning be the Saviour of the Mobile Checkout Process?

Posted by Hannah Stacey 20 Aug 14

shutterstock_153863999With mobile commerce on the rise, brands are increasingly having to focus their attention on the experience they offer customers using mobile devices.

Optimising the checkout process for smartphone and tablet users is an incredibly important part of this: the last hurdle in the customer journey, the mobile checkout is fraught with potential UX issues, largely revolving around the size of the mobile screen and the cumbersome nature of mobile keyboards.

In the video below, esteemed ecommerce consultant Dr Mike Baxter discusses a simple solution to the laborious task of filling out payment details, alongside eleven other ecommerce conversion ‘hacks’ (now available in a downloadable ebook called 12 hacks for boosting your online selling power.)

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5 Reasons your Facebook Ads are Underperforming

Posted by Hannah Stacey 19 Aug 14

shutterstock_181231283Ahh, Facebook. The ultimate robber of time and, if you’re a digital marketer, your social advertising budget (if you’re not careful).

Over the past few years, Facebook has rolled out updates to its advertising platform that have made it increasingly easy to spend money on promoting your brand in various ways, alongside it becoming increasingly difficult to get your posts to show up to your fans organically (see this eye-opening ‘Facebook Zero’ report on organic post reach by social@Ogilvy for more on this).

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