Eight cracking Easter promotions we loved this weekend

Posted by Hannah Stacey

22/04/2014 11:19

As one of the busiest trading periods of the year, the long Easter weekend is a huge deal for retailers, both on the highstreet and online, and the late falling of Easter this year presented the perfect opportunity to lure consumers away from their winter coats with new spring and summer offerings.

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Gmail is trialling an overhaul of its ‘promotions’ tab. Here’s what's in store and how you can prepare to make the most of it

Posted by Hannah Stacey

15/04/2014 13:30

Good news! The ‘promotions’ tab in Gmail just got a facelift, and it’s looking pretty smart.

Google has been dabbling with Gmail’s advertising platform a fair bit since it rolled out its Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) beta early in 2013, designed to give marketers new, increasingly smart ways of targeting prospects in the comfort of their own inboxes.


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Three key takeaways from Fashion Digital UK 2014

Posted by James Dunford Wood

14/04/2014 13:00


The first London Fashion Digital event - brought over here from its inception in New York - was a packed event. The mix was interesting - put fashion and digital together and you get the data literate pioneers, the wannabe start-ups, and a great mass of fashionistas in between, eager to learn where online fashion is going. So for the technically minded, a lot of the talk was talk we've heard before.

The opening address by Justin Opie of IMRG, the retail industry trade body, set the scene in suitably impressive style - the industry generates 90 billion of ecommerce revenues in the UK every year, or which c. 70 billion was down to retail. Growth is in double digits, and fashion is at the forefront. Et cetera. In fact, he had so much to say he was hustled off the stage by the ever efficient Fashion Digital moderator.

The day was mercifully short of sales presentations and long on expert panels, but with the result that knowledge was sometimes repeated from panel to panel. However, some interesting insights surfaced. Here are my takeaways:

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How to Turn Bad Feedback into Good

Posted by Martina Mercer

11/04/2014 10:30

When eCommerce began, customer care was way down the list of priorities. Many retailers assumed their current offline systems would be able to handle any extra workload. This assumption is of course natural, as ecommerce was championed for removing the face to face contact giving people an anonymous way to buy instantly online, so why would they need customer care?


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The levers of ecommerce growth

Posted by Ivan Mazour

31/03/2014 11:30

As the ecommerce industry starts to mature, new frameworks of understanding it are developed and debated. With Rocket Internet able to repeatedly build ecommerce businesses with 100%+ year on year growth, it's clear that there are strategies out there which can drive fast, and profitable growth. The levers of ecommerce growth, as it were.
We founded Ometria with a singular purpose - to give all retailers access to those levers, through one simple but powerful technology. It all starts with the customer. The customer is who pays, and so is the absolute foundation on which the business must be built. Customers can be acquired and customers can be retained, but before you can retain them, you need to acquire them, so it makes sense to start there.
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