Ecommerce Website Headers: 4 Simple Things You Need to Get Right

Posted by Hannah Stacey 27 Feb 15


Website headers. Sure, they might not be the most glam part of ecommerce store design, but they’re arguably one of the most valuable pieces of on-site real estate going.

Why? They’re often one of the first things a visitor sees when they land on your site, and play an important role in making a killer first impression for newbies to your brand, as well as performing a navigational function that’s crucial to moving browsers on through the journey to purchase.

So yeah, pretty important.

This blog post will walk you through several key elements of ecommerce header design:

  • Primary category/product navigation

  • Secondary navigational elements

  • Search

  • Offers and promotions

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Best Ecommerce Product Pages: 12 First-Class Examples of Product Page Perfection

Posted by Hannah Stacey 13 Feb 15

Let’s face it, product pages are often more functional than fetching.

It’s understandable: when you’re building and testing pages that are geared towards selling, the overall 'feel' of a page - creating that killer first impression - can sometimes take a backseat to cramming in all of the elements you think should be there to encourage a purchase: social sharing buttons, big calls to action, shipping information, product images and videos etc. ( on the right being an extreme example of this!).

And while undoubtedly many of these elements are crucial in clinching a sale, it’s important to remember that product pages are also an extension of your brand and your story; they’re there to get people excited about your products, to add a bit of 'wow' factor.

This blog post will look at twelve product page examples - brands who have the best of both worlds, combining all the essential elements of high-converting product pages with some seriously slick design: these guys get the job done, and look pretty fly while they’re at it.

12 of the best ecommerce product pages

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Ecommerce Events, Tradeshows and Conferences 2015: The Ultimate List

Posted by Hannah Stacey 4 Feb 15

shutterstock_193661039Conferences and events provide a great opportunity to network, learn new things and scope out the competition (or a combination of all of these things!).

Below is a comprehensive list of all the ecommerce events for the year ahead - giving you the full lowdown on the what, when, where and how much. Think we've missed anything important? Let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page!


Dates Topic Event Description Cost Where is it?
21-22 Jan 2015 Ecommerce (general) Webwinkel Vakdagen "The Webwinkel Vakdagen is... the event for professionals who want to accelerate and optimise their online success." €250 Utrecht, The Netherlands
22 Jan 2015 Marketing EconsultancyContent Marketing: Trends, Data and Best Practice "Our monthly topic briefing sessions provide a convenient overview of our research across key digital topics. " Invite only Online
3 Feb 2015 Ecommerce (general) The Delivery Conference "The Delivery Conference... showcases how retailers can use delivery to generate repeat purchase, customer loyalty." Not available London, UK
12 Feb 2015  Fashion IMRG Fashion Connect Conference "This conference will explore the key challenges and opportunities for fashion e-retailers in 2015.." Free London, UK
25 Feb 2015 Ecommerce (general) Ecommerce: Trends 2015, M-Commerce, Logistics & Best Practices "This Ecommerce Summit will provide a whole new insight of the Ecommerce market in Belgium." €350 (excl. VAT) Brussels, Belgium
25-26 Feb 2015 Marketing  Technology for Marketing and Advertising "Harnessing technology to deliver creativity, innovation and professional success at the UK's biggest multi-channel marketing, media and advertising event" Not available London, UK
5 Mar 2015 Ecommerce (general) E-commerce Forum 2015 "The forum will concentrate on marketing, sales & service from an e-commerce best practice perspective – in particular how to increase sales, conversions and improve customer service." £50-£100 London, UK
10-11 Mar 2015  Retail (general) Retail Business Technology Expo "Every aspect of store design, visual merchandising and branding as well as all the technological solutions that underpin and enable retail success in one place at one time under one roof" Free London, UK
10-11 Mar 2015 Retail (general)  Retail Design Expo "The new, essential event for all those responsible for the success of THE STORE - retail designers, marketers, visual merchandisers, ... shop fitters and suppliers." Not available London, UK
11 Mar 2015  Ecommerce (general) E-Commerce-Tag "Practical knowledge for online retailers firsthand!" € 79-499 Stuttgart, Germany
11-12 Mar 2015  Retail (general) Retail Week Live "Retail Week Live is the unmissable event where the industry meets to make new connections, hear from the people setting the agenda and learn what the future holds. " £1190+ London, UK
17 Mar 2015 Ecommerce (general) E-commerce in Belgium "This half day event will give an overview of business opportunities in e-commerce in Belgium"  Not available  Berlin, Germany
17-19 Mar 2015  Ecommerce (general) eTail Germany "The place where retail decision makers want to go" €1199 - €3099 Berlin, Germany
18-20 Mar 2015 Ecommerce (general)  E-Commerce One-to-One "In three years, E-Commerce One to One has become the place to be for all the sector's top people" Not available Monaco
18-19 Mar 2015  Ecommerce (general) E-Shop Expo "Discover the world of ecommerce!" Not available Brussels, Belgium
24-25 Mar 2015  Ecommerce (general)  Internet World "Participants can expect a first-class congress programme on the LATEST trends in E-Commerce." Not available Munich, Germany
24-25 Mar 2015 Ecommerce (general)   E-commerce Stockholm 2015 "There will  be two action-packed days with motivational, educational and fun conference feature that gives you more power and energy in your work." Not available Stockholm, Sweden
25-26 Mar 2015 Ecommerce (general)   Internet Retailing Expo "IRX 2015 will be covering the gamut of multichannel, multinational commerce, the demanding commercial professionals and the expert supplier ecosystem that support it." Not available Birmingham, UK
25-26 Mar 2015  Ecommerce (general)  eShow Barcelona "Welcome to eShow , the largest international trade show for eCommerce, Online Marketing, Social Media, Internet of Things, Mobile and Hosting & Cloud Computing." €15 - €180 Barcelona, Spain
8 Apr 2015 Ecommerce (general) The Commerce Exchange "A day dedicated to digital commerce. Inspiration, education & networking." £40-60 York, UK
15-16 Apr 2015 Ecommerce (general)  Swiss Online Marketing & Swiss eBusiness Expo "The Swiss Online Marketing presents a unique range of exhibitors. No other Swiss trade fair has such a clear focus on digital marketing. " 30-80 CHF Zürich, Switzerland
21 Apr 2015  Ecommerce (general)  Ecommerce netcomm forum "E-commerce forum is the leading Italian exhibition of the industry". Not available Milan, Italy
20-22 Apr 2014 Magento  Imagine 2015 "Imagine is the world’s premier eCommerce conference, and will bring together more than 2,000 Magento merchants, partners and developers from over 40 countries" Not available Las Vegas, USA
5-6- May 2015  Mobile M-Days "Mobile strategies and digital direct-marketing on a high business level in Frankfurt am Main" $40-75 Frankfurt, Germany
11-13 May 2015 Ecommerce (general) GPeC Summit  "GPeC is the most important E-Commerce Event in Romania, gathering more than 700 participants. Our Special Guest in May 11th is Neil Patel (Co-Founder CrazyEgg, HelloBar & KISSmetrics )"  €49 - €207  Bucharest, Romania
12-13 May 2015  Ecommerce (general)  Ecommerce Show Middle East "Helping business build, enhance and deliver their ecommerce strategy." Free - $3235 Dubai, UAE
20-21 May 2015 Fashion Decoded Fashion: London "Discover the most disruptive technologies from around the world impacting fashion today."  £399-£999 London, UK
21-22 May 2015  Ecommerce (general)  Scandinavian E-Business Camp "Scandinavian E-Business Camp is the meeting place for better e-commerce, – and multi-channel retail." Not available Gothenburg, Sweden
26-27 May 2015 Ecommerce (general)   Nordic ecommerce summit "The best annual event in Stockholm, Sweden, jam-packed with keynote speakers, exhibitors and symposiums." 3900-7300SEK Stockholm, Sweden
27-28 May 2015 Marketing  ECOM Expo "OMExpo 2015...combines a wide exhibition offer with features, insightful seminars, inspirational keynote speakers, and targeted messaging." Not available Madrid, Spain
2-3- Jun 2015  Retail (general) Store2015 "STORE is Retail Council of Canada’s two-day conference held annually in Toronto." $95 - $1,195 Toronto, Canada
3-5 Jun 2015 Marketing CRMC2015 "The premier event for Retail Marketing & CRM Executives" $595-$1995


Chicago, USA
8-10 Jun 2015  Ecommerce (general)  Global E-commerce Summit 2015 "The leading international event that focuses on the most important trends and developments in global e-commerce, cross-border trading and omnichannel retail. " €895 - €1295 Barcelona, Spain
16-18 Jun 2015  Ecommerce (general)  Internet World "Uniting thousands of marketing, IT and technology professionals" Not available ExCel London
22-24 Jun 2015 Ecommerce (general)   eTail Europe 2015 "eTail Europe, a conference focusing on customers and multi-platform understanding, is the premier event for senior eCommerce and online marketing executives." Not available London, UK
20-22 Jul 2015  Ecommerce (general)  ICETE 2015 "ICETE 2015 is a joint conference aimed at bringing together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in e-business" Not available Alsace, France
21-23 Sep 2015  Ecommerce (general)  E-commerce Paris "All formulas for connected commerce" Not available Paris, France
30 Sep - 1 Oct 2015 Ecommerce (general)   Ecommerce Expo "we focus on all areas of ecommerce, delivering specialist advice, products and services and thought leadership on areas including: marketing, platforms, payments, delivery & logistics, customer service and the more generalist topics affecting your overall ecommerce and multi-channel strategies." Not available London, UK
5-9 Oct 2015  Ecommerce (general)  Amsterdam E-week "International festival for online business, media, marketing and technology" Not available Amsterday, The Netherlands

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6 Super Effective Tactics for Growing Your Email List

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 30 Jan 15

shutterstock_243011872It is now widely acknowledged (and proven) that email is one of the best channels for ecommerce marketers to grow and engage with their customer base.

According to American Express, the reason email works so well as a B2C communication tool is that consumers are firmly in control of it: they decide whether they want to read it, delete it or unsubscribe for good. And it is this power that (somewhat unconsciously) encourages visitors to sign up to ecommerce newsletters if they specifically like your products, and they want to take advantage of an incentive you’re offering.

Having said that, growing your email list with interested subscribers that purchase regularly and are brand advocates is the ultimate goal, and is also a big challenge for marketers.

We have gathered 6 good ways to help you increase your mailing list:

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How to Create a Killer Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Posted by Edward Gotham 23 Jan 15

shutterstock_167152856Great marketing campaigns emanate from a solid initial strategy. As Benjamin Franklin once said:

“Failure to plan is planning to fail”

So in this post we will show you how to create a killer ecommerce marketing strategy to drive your ecommerce business ahead of your competitors. In order to give some context to each section, I’ll be giving you excerpts from the marketing strategy for a fictitious ecommerce company in the fashion industry called ‘Danakil’.

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