8 Sure-Fire Ways Of Spooking Potential Customers Out Of A Purchase

Posted by Hannah Stacey 31 Oct 14

shutterstock_202168384Some chilling news for you this Halloween: your website might be harbouring some demons even scarier than Perez Hilton dressed up as vampire Miley Cyrus (slightly NSFW).

It’s easier to creep potential customers out of buying something than you might think, and if you’ve given them a fright once, they’re unlikely to return.

Here are 8 sure-fire ways of spooking customers out of making a purchase.

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8 Ecommerce Brands with Enviably Good Website Copy

Posted by Hannah Stacey 30 Oct 14

shutterstock_208339774It’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of copy when it comes to connecting with visitors to your online store.  

Sure, great imagery and super slick UX are must-haves, but in the era of the ‘personal brand’, shopping is about more than this; it’s about consumers buying into your brand because they are (or want to be) part of a tribe.

Strong copy is perhaps the most effective tool in building a brand that people really want to be associated with. Here are eight examples of online retailers using excellent copy to build their brand.

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17 Examples of Brilliantly Persuasive Social Proof in Ecommerce

Posted by Hannah Stacey 27 Oct 14

shutterstock_160363313Have you ever bought something just because all your friends were wearing it at the time (here’s to you, beaded choker necklaces, shiny cargo trousers and bucket hats)?

Been overcome by an irrepressible desire to join a queue, even though you have no idea what it’s for?

Fallen prey to the shopping channel, and ended up with eight blenders, a three year supply of strawberry-flavoured dieting shakes and an electronic facial exerciser, thanks to a collection of impressive ‘before and after’ pictures?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

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Ecommerce Events, Tradeshows and Conferences 2014/15: The Ultimate List

Posted by Hannah Stacey 24 Oct 14

shutterstock_193661039Conferences and events provide a great opportunity to network, learn new things and scope out the competition (or a combination of all of these things!).

Below is a comprehensive list of all the ecommerce events for the year ahead - giving you the full lowdown on the what, when, where and how much. Think we've missed anything important? Let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page!


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11 Brands Taking a ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Get’ Approach to Personalising Customer Emails

Posted by Hannah Stacey 22 Oct 14

shutterstock_189329828We all know by now that personalisation is a big deal in marketing.

After all, it really does makes sense: the more you can tailor the messages and products that you plonk in front of a customer to their particular tastes and preferences, the more likely they are to buy things from you. Simple.

Tracking user behaviour across multiple data sources and bringing everything into one big happy single view of the customer, and implementing things like predictive analytics, learning-based algorithms and real-time product recommendation generators? Not so simple.

While actions undoubtedly speak loudly when it comes to user preference, sometimes words can be pretty useful too. Yup, sometimes simply asking customers what they’re into and what they’re not-so-into can be a quicker and easier route to simple personalisation than speculating based on (potentially limited) data that you have on them (though it’s obviously important to strike a balance when asking for personal details from customers - we’ve discussed this in a post on the topic.)

Here are some interesting tactics that eleven top brands are using to help personalise their customer emails in various ways.

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