From Glasto Larks to Bite Marks: 10 Tremendously Topical Tweets From Online Retailers This Week

Posted by Hannah Stacey 27 Jun 14

Everybody seems to be talking about agile marketing at the moment, and for brands wanting to connect with consumers in the fast-paced (some would say downright chaotic) world of Twitter, being topical and timely is often the best way of getting noticed.  

For agile marketers, this week has proven to be a veritable gold mine in the current affairs stakes, with a host of events - from the World Cup to Glastonbury to Wimbledon - to hitch a publicity ride off. And online retailers in particular have been making the most of the opportunity - here are some of the best topical tweets we’ve seen this week.


It’s that time of the year again! The gates of Wimbledon have only just opened, but already we’re seeing brands jumping on the chance to promote their tennis-related finery, tenuously linked or otherwise (we’re still waiting on an epic Cliff Richard GIF, though).

The Outnet has been tweeting about its ‘tennis whites’ edit for the occasion, while Anna Lou of London has been promoting her tennis-themed jewellery collection. Meanwhile, Reiss has aced (geddit?) Wimbledon-related marketing by bringing back the dress that Andy Murray’s girlfriend was snapped wearing last Wimbledon.

The Outnet

Anna Lou of London



The World Cup

The World Cup has been dominated by dental dramas, disappointment (if you’re English, anyway) and Ian Wright’s technicolour trousers so far, and ecommerce marketers have been quick to use events in Brazil to their advantage.

Whole Foods and JC Penney made valiant contributions to the Twitter storm following Suarez-gate, while John Lewis recommended its followers use the break between matches to check out its clearance offers. Oh, and Urban Outfitters decided to stage a pizza party for the USA vs Germany match using Twitter’s #new #worldcup #hashtagging #system.

Whole Foods

JC Penney

John Lewis

Urban Outfitters

Festival spirit

Whether you’re counting down the days to any of the hundreds of festivals happening in the UK this summer, or secretly willing the phone batteries of your Glasto-going friends to go flat to prevent them posting all their fun-filled snaps to Instagram, online retailers are doing a great job of capturing the festival mood this year.

Topshop tweeted a consolation playlist for those missing Glastonbury, while Matalan took the opportunity to promote its range of Parkas. Reiss decided to get cultural with a guide to the Edinburgh Fringe, and Mr Porter introduced us to its festival-friendly wardrobe.






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