Why Your Ecommerce Customers Are Leaving Your E-Store

Posted by Guest Writer 3 Jan 14

There are lots of ecommerce stores that are still failing to provide their customers with what they're looking for, and to get the basics right, so here's a round up of the most likely reasons why.


In the past 15 years, we have seen an explosion in ecommerce stores, so it's surprising that even after this long, there are still many e-stores that fail to serve and delight their customers as they should. You can find scores of eommerce companies with high cart abandonment rates. We all know that it is very rare that a customer makes a purchase by just visiting a single ecommerce site only once, so stores need to go that extra mile to maximise the chances of a customer completing their transaction.

So what makes your customers leave and move to a competitors' site? 

Not Having Fast Support Channels

It doesn’t matter whether customers are shopping from a physical store or online store, they always need quick, attentive, reactive customer support  - to talk to a real person and get real-time assistance. If you are running an ecommerce store, you should provide your customers with fast support channels.

If a customer calls a customer service helpline and needs to wait on hold for a long time, it will naturally irritate them. Sometimes your customers need instant support and they can’t wait for any email and being on hold for long, so in this case, consider Live Chat.

Unavailability of Information

Every product page includes - or should do - an image, price, name, description and customer reviews of the product - and they think that’s enough. Well, providing such information is certainly not enough - you need to provide things like a link to your contact information, delivery charges, your refunds procedure and more. You should provide such information in plain view so that your customers find it in under 10 seconds. Online shoppers are constantly bothered about three things - returns, contact information and delivery charges. So it's essential for ecommerce sites to offer this information clearly.

Difficult Check-out Process

You know if you have a complicated check-out process at your ecommerce site, your customers will simply abandon ship. There are still loads of ecommerce sites with an overly complex online check-out process. Lengthy forms are a no-no - avoid barriers to conversion at all costs! And make sure they can check out as guests, and don't have to create an account with password.

Payment Methods

How easy is your payment process is for your customers? If for any reason it leads to an error, you need to provide a simple page to help your customers solve the issue or get help, without undue hassle. Simple steps are best. Include paypal if you can, alongside the regular methods. Give your customers as much choice as you can.

So there you have it - your New Year's Resolution! If you are not already doing it, get the simple stuff right first in 2014! Have a really prosperous year!

Author Bio:

Brianna Wills works at Perception System as a senior content writer. @briannawillsss


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