Ultimate Ecommerce Blog and News List 2.0

Posted by Victoria Elizabeth 4 Nov 13

Ecommerce is a quickly expanding industry where best practices, educational resources and trends change quite rapidly. It can be difficult to keep up to date with what’s going on in ecommerce, and who is producing Christmas_listthe best content on the web. And with 94% of the UK’s online retailers using content marketing, there is definitely a lot to choose from out there! 

Our first post on ecommerce blog and news sites got so much positive feedback that I’d like to update it for the holidays, and put the spotlight on some more hidden ecommerce gems. There is a mix in here of ecommerce news giants, excellent company blogs, research experts and industry specific news.

I hope that you find them useful, and as always, please feel free to give us your picks in the comments below!


The criteria we chose to evaluate each source is based on our first post, but with some slight differences. This time, I wanted to focus on sites that deliver the most actionable insights, true thought leadership and best industry trends news. So here is the full list of criteria:

  • Number and range of subjects related to ecommerce

  • Popularity based on email and RSS subscribers

  • Frequency of new content

  • User-friendly navigation

  • Traffic on blog/news pages

  • Value of information

  • Thought leadership

  • Industry trends and current events

  • Ecommerce business intelligence

Ecommerce Blog and News Site List

1) Internet Retailer  

@IR_Magazine  Followers: 22k

Internet Retailer “has as its mission to be the largest and most credible provider of objective business information on the market trends, technology, competitive practices and people that are shaping the E-commerce industry.”

Edited by the charismatic Ian Jindal, who regularly appears as a moderator and speaker at industry events, Internet Retailer is owned by Vertical Web Media and offers business intelligence for ecommerce decision-makers, including retailers, marketers, B2B companies and small-business owners. The website is complemented by a monthly magazine that gives the latest information on a wide variety of ecommerce related topics, as well as a series of Top 500 guides that help decision-makers evaluate their competition. Internet Retailer online is updated daily and claims 250,000 unique visitors each month. It is geared towards those who want more advanced knowledge of ecommerce, giving valuable insider information on markets, trends and technology news.

2) Internet Retailing

@etail  Followers: 14k

Internet Retailing is another essential online and print news magazine for ecommerce, which is based in the UK. The online magazine includes sections on Strategy and Analysis, as well as a section on Customer Focus that is worth checking periodically. News articles come out daily. The Strategy section offers retail platform advice for new and existing markets, while the Analysis section focuses on editorials, reports and studies. The site is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. They also allow guest articles and press releases.

3) Econsultancy

@Econsultancy   Followers: 157k

Founded in 1999, Econsultancy has over 100,000 members around the world and is known as a go-to independent voice for Ecommerce and Digital Marketing. It’s based in the UK, and focuses heavily on European ecommerce and digital marketing. Econsultancy is a leading source for ecommerce leaders to make decisions, get training, advice and research, and their Digital Marketing blog is invaluable as a guide. Fresh content is produced daily, and there are a number of reports that you can purchase for a further dive into information found in blog posts. 

4) Practical Ecommerce

@PracticalEcomm  Followers: 12k

Practical Ecommerce is great instructional resource for all the latest ecommerce intelligence. The site receives 325,000 monthly visits and their email subscription numbers 20,000. It includes articles, blog posts, webinars and podcasts on a wide range of ecommerce-specific subjects. It releases ecommerce tips daily, while the blog section has separate blogs written by a range of contributors who cater for a full range of readers, from beginners, through mid-level managers and industry experts. The site is easy to navigate and is very popular amongst industry insiders.

5) Inbound Hub from Hubspot  

@Hubspot   Followers: 327K

Although it isn’t ecommerce-specific, the Inbound Hub Blog is a great place to start if you are looking to absorb a range of subjects in digital marketing and content creation. They have content that covers Beginners to Experts, and their blog content is as entertaining as it is insightful. Hubspot is the best site for inbound content and Digital Marketing material because of their wide variety of topics and very knowledgeable content writers. They are also very prompt at covering the latest updates, trends and issues in digital marketing, with several posts released everyday.

6) Get Elastic

@getelastic   Followers: 8k

Get Elastic claims award-winning status as the ‘#1 subscribed E-commerce blog’. Although not updated every day (most sections have a new post weekly, bi-monthly or monthly), Get Elastic does post solid content. Their circulation base is 19,500 (email and RSS), and they are particularly good at providing tips and tactics for ecommerce Marketers to maximize online sales, so Get Elastic is geared more towards the immediate practical application of ecommerce information.

7) Monetate Blog

@monetate    Followers: 4k

Monetate is a highly customised personalisation software platform that allows marketers to leverage big data to improve customer experiences. The Monetate Blog covers a breadth of industries and an expanding list of subjects like big data, analytics, website optimisation, segmentation, personalisation and merchandising. With very experienced and knowledgeable bloggers who aren't afraid to inject humour into ecommerce, the Monetate Blog is a good read and offers indispensable advice that you can segment down to your specific needs. 

8) BoF Business of Fashion

@BoF    Followers: 780k

The Business of Fashion blog is specifically geared towards fashion retail news both on and offline. However, articles on ecommerce acquisitions, online retailing trends, and technology highlights for pure play and multichannel retailers come up frequently and are presented in easily-digestible and beautiful articles. I personally enjoy reading the News and Analysis and Fashion 2.0 sections when I have my coffee in the morning. 


9) Smart Insights Blog

@SmartInsights  Followers: 10k

Smart Insights is a Digital Marketing and Management specific blog that covers many areas of ecommerce in clear, concise and highly insightful blog posts. Content is published multiple times a day, and editor Dr Dave Chaffey delivers strategic advice on everything from Social Media Marketing to digital strategy and analytics. The blog offers both a breadth and depth of knowledge that is a must for professional marketers today. 

10) Forrester Blog

@forrester    Followers: 221K

Last, but certainly not least, we have Forrester. For anyone in ecommerce that deals with complex data-driven decisions on a daily basis, Forrester is an indispensible guide for learning and keeping on track with the latest research. Their research and information is segmented according to roles, so that you can choose to receive only the information you need to help you succeed in your role. The Forrester blog page is an aggregate of all the topic specific blogs that Forrester produces. From Marketing channel strategy to customer insights, Forrester gives a great mix of research driven knowledge, concise takeaways from conferences and advice for profesionals from execs to IT teams. 

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