‘Twas the Night Before Omnichannel Shopping

Posted by Victoria Elizabeth 6 Dec 13

Christmas_sleigh_over_houseThere have been plenty of lists, blog posts, and best practice examples released recently on how to optimise and prepare for this year’s holiday season. Statistics are available for all sorts of business activities, and top tips have an upsurge around this time of year as well.

But how much can you really do right now to help boost Christmas sales? In truth, your plans should already be in place and making any big changes right now would be disruptive. However, if you haven't yet implemented the latest marketing trends, or don't have the budget to introduce other channels, this is the best time to observe what other retailers are doing for Christmas to increase revenue and satisfy their customers. 

As many holiday projections have fortold, omnichannel shopping is quickly becoming essential for larger retailers looking to give their customers the freedom to purchase when and how they want. This is becoming increasingly important today, for large as well as small retailers, and we are seeing the positive results already

Increased revenues from mobile and tablet sales have large retailers focused on their mobile strategy and responsive design. This trend can't be overlooked in the coming year, and British retailers have the opportunity to jump ahead of the game by thinking strategically about expanding their channels in 2014. 

So in the spirit of the season, here's my take on a Christmas classic. 



'Twas the Night Before Omnichannel Shopping

‘Twas the night before Shopping, when all through the house,

Not a moment was lost clicking on a mouse.

Shipping was free and packages handled with care,

For Argos had made sure our items would be there.


We clicked for collection while sitting in our beds,

While visions of toasters danced in our heads.

And donning our onesies, both from the Gap,

We exited our browsers; it was time for a nap,


When out in the courtyard there arose such a clatter,

I jumped from the bed to see what was the matter.

Christmas shoppers scampering to Asda in droves,

Towards holiday sales soon coming to a close.


The moon shown brightly to reveal their happy faces,

Their anticipation building for gift grabbing races,

I nodded and sighed thinking ‘what fools’,

Shopping online gives me the best options and tools.


Personalised and saved, my wishlists served me well,

This Christmas would otherwise surely be hell.

Asos for the girls, Topman for our boys,

And of course the little ones all want new toys,


So before all the craze of holiday shopping went down,

I searched for all items, and quickly bought what I found.

Saving time and effort, and avoiding British weather,

This was so different from what I can remember.


Last year I chose to shop like the rest,

Joining the holiday crowds, I must confess.

But coming up short, the high street let me down,

Everything I wanted was not in my town.


On to Zara and Clarks, John Lewis and Next,

Hundreds of people looking nothing but vexed,

On to Maplins, Currys, PC World and Dixons,

The list was so long I could hardy make decisions.


That year I came to the final conclusion,

That happy holiday shopping was just an illusion.

But alas my co-worker showed me the way,

Of omnichannel shopping, what more could I say?


Customers are quickly shaping how to peruse and click,

Avoiding the confines of mortar and brick.

So retailers make sure your policies are clear,

Don’t make it difficult to shop this year!


Find value in digital; invest in your offers,

Use data that’s big to fill up your coffers.

Channels like social should be used to engage,

Send out those tweets, we're not in the Stone Age!


It’s time to bring out the big holiday guns,

So reorganise your strategy and avoid reruns.

Last year was different, Christmas 2013 is new,

Branch out to omnichannel, St. Nick will thank you!


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