Beyond the Basic: 3 Elements of an Advanced Automation Strategy

Posted by Alegría 20 Jun 18


Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 16.09.55Marketing automation in retail is nothing new.
From cart abandonment to welcome campaigns, customers are becoming more accustomed to receiving automated messages from retailers as they work through their online shopping journey.
But as the likes of Uber and Deliveroo continue to push the boundaries of offering tailored and personalised customer experiences, the finer details of those expectations are slowly but surely growing. Simple automation is no longer enough; if retailers don’t want to be left behind it is essential that they advance their execution to meet customer-first campaign standards.

According to our own research, 46% of consumers would “consider not shopping again with a company if they keep sending them marketing emails with products they’re not interested in or aren’t tailored for them. The keyword here is tailored. Do the automated messages feel relevant? Are they reflective of a customer’s buying habits, or do they seem generic? In order to stand out you need to take your automation strategy a step further.

You can take a deep-dive into the methodology of executing a great strategy in our latest download ‘An Advanced Guide to Marketing Automation in Retail’. In this blog we will address the three top-line elements required to cement your strategy.

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Simple Hacks For Making Marketing Automation Seem Less... Automated

Posted by Abi Davies 9 Aug 16

Question: How much interaction do you actually have with your customers these days?


According to Emailmonday, on average, 49% of companies are already using marketing automation.

As a business that provides customer insight and marketing automation for retailers, we see this as a good thing. But are the connotations of the phrase “marketing automation” always positive?

Unfortunately (but understandably) not.

When you look up synonyms for the word “automation”, lifeless words such as “mechanical” and “robotic” appear.

And yet - when it comes to ecommerce marketing, at least - this should not be the case. Whilst automating your marketing messages is a somewhat methodological process, the main ingredients that go into that process are plainly personal.

As HubSpotpointed out in 2014, humans provide the intelligence for marketing automation. That was written two years ago and robots haven’t taken over yet.

What we’re saying is, marketing automation - good marketing automation - needs the human touch.  So why do so many automated messages sound like they’ve been written by the protagonist of a terrible sci-fi novel?

Here are a few simple hacks to make your automated emails seem more personal. 

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Epic Automation Fails – the Biggest Mistakes Ecommerce Marketers Make

Posted by Abi Davies 27 Jul 16

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the godsend that is marketing automation.

ecommerce marketing automation failsGone are the days of having to call up a prospect to ask why they abandoned their basket (true story), or manually reach out to a lapsed customer to try to win them back.

Today, the way in which a brand responds to a customer’s behaviour has the potential to be automatic (whether that’s sending a new subscriber a series of welcome emails or targeting a customer who’s abandoned their basket with an ad on Facebook) - thus saving a marketer loads of time. 

However, there is one thing worse than a brand not using automation to send relevant, timely messages, and that’s doing it badly. 

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