Text-to-Image Ratio in Email: Advice from Our In-House HTML Experts

Posted by Abi Davies 27 Nov 17

text to image ratio in email The questions we often get asked by ecommerce marketers we work with are:

  1. “Are there too many images in this email?/ "Is this email too heavy?”
  2. “Will this affect deliverability?”

As a rule, the use of image-only emails in ecommerce marketing is not recommended.

(💡 What constitutes an image-only email? Templates that are pretty much entirely image based, with almost no HTML text included.)

That said, using images in email marketing is not the risky-business it once was.

Back in the day, email images were something of a blind spot for spam filters - and would therefore often wreak havoc when it came to deliverability.

Nowadays, we have image-reading algorithms that can recognise - and approve - what’s inside an email, thus bringing an end to the militant auto-spamming we once saw. But that doesn’t mean image-only emails are now best practice.

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