Text-to-Image Ratio in Email: Advice from Our In-House HTML Experts

Posted by Abi Davies 27 Nov 17

text to image ratio in email The questions we often get asked by ecommerce marketers we work with are:

  1. “Are there too many images in this email?/ "Is this email too heavy?”
  2. “Will this affect deliverability?”

As a rule, the use of image-only emails in ecommerce marketing is not recommended.

(💡 What constitutes an image-only email? Templates that are pretty much entirely image based, with almost no HTML text included.)

That said, using images in email marketing is not the risky-business it once was.

Back in the day, email images were something of a blind spot for spam filters - and would therefore often wreak havoc when it came to deliverability.

Nowadays, we have image-reading algorithms that can recognise - and approve - what’s inside an email, thus bringing an end to the militant auto-spamming we once saw. But that doesn’t mean image-only emails are now best practice.

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Simple Ways to Deck out Your Automated Emails for the Festive Season

Posted by Abi Davies 26 Oct 17

festive tips for retailers According to research carried out by Retail Week and ICM, the average UK shopper will spend over £400 on Christmas-related shopping this year. Moreover, around 83 per cent of those shoppers are likely to spend at least some of that money online.

With this in mind, we thought it was about time we kicked off our first festive blog post of the season.

No doubt most of you marketers will already have your holiday-themed newsletters sussed—but what about your triggered emails?

You know: those automated messages sent to recipients following a specific action, namely: signing up to your newsletter (welcome email), looking at an item on your site (browse abandonment email), leaving an item in their basket (cart abandonment email) and actually buying something (post purchase email).

Sent when a recipient is most engaged, these emails are the ones that tend to get the highest click-through rate, so ignoring them around this time of year is akin to moaning you have nothing to wear for your Christmas party when you have at least five dresses sitting in your wardrobe—tag still on. 

But we know how time and resource-starved ecommerce retailers today tend to be, which is why we’ve made an easy-to-follow list of ways you can deck out these emails in time for November.

There’s a lot to say so—to make all this information easier to absorb—we’ve looked at each campaign individually. 

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