Three Deliverability Questions Every Marketer Should Ask Before Hitting 'Send'

Posted by Abi Davies 9 Feb 18

three questions retailers should ask before sending a newsletter.pngExperiencing poor email deliverability is like spending hours preparing for a party only for one or two people to show up.

… Frustrating, disappointing and can feel like a waste of time.

Whilst we don’t know the magic formula to encouraging people to attend your events, we do know how you can boost the chances of your email campaigns actually arriving in recipients’ inboxes.

It all starts with three simple questions.

  1. Who are you sending to?
  2. What are you sending?
  3. How often are you sending?

Below, we take a closer look at each.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.21.07.pngThis blog post is based on our latest ebook: Email Deliverability for Retail Marketers, written by one of our in-house HTML experts Michela. If a comprehensive guide sounds more up your street, you can download your copy here

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Text-to-Image Ratio in Email: Advice from Our In-House HTML Experts

Posted by Abi Davies 27 Nov 17

text to image ratio in email The questions we often get asked by ecommerce marketers we work with are:

  1. “Are there too many images in this email?/ "Is this email too heavy?”
  2. “Will this affect deliverability?”

As a rule, the use of image-only emails in ecommerce marketing is not recommended.

(💡 What constitutes an image-only email? Templates that are pretty much entirely image based, with almost no HTML text included.)

That said, using images in email marketing is not the risky-business it once was.

Back in the day, email images were something of a blind spot for spam filters - and would therefore often wreak havoc when it came to deliverability.

Nowadays, we have image-reading algorithms that can recognise - and approve - what’s inside an email, thus bringing an end to the militant auto-spamming we once saw. But that doesn’t mean image-only emails are now best practice.

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