4 spectacular guided selling examples

Posted by Huw Jenkins 2 Jun 16

shutterstock_282907193.pngOnce upon a time, online shoppers used the internet to find cheaper prices for products they had already decided to buy.

Nowadays, the web is central to the purchase decision journey - it's part of the reason to buy. 

In fact, half of shoppers spend at least 75% of their total shopping time conducting online research, according to Hubspot

Furthermore, by 202080% of the buying process is expected to occur without any direct human-to-human interaction (robots are comin'), meaning some sort of virtual sales assistant-equivalent is vital, with more shoppers shifting online than ever before.

So, how can ecommerce retailers turn discovery into sales and replicate the virtues of sprightly sales assistants, online? Guided selling, perhaps. 

This blog post will give you a quick peak behind the genius of guided selling, its applications and a few top notch examples (and perhaps a couple of puns). 

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9 examples of winning ecommerce product pages

Posted by Huw Jenkins 20 Jan 16

For many ecommerce marketers, product pages are an end game, a “we’ve nearly got ‘em” kind of affair.

We're all aware of the staples of good product page design - unique descriptions, sharp images, big calls to action, social sharing buttons, the list goes on. But how are brands raising the bar, taking a step beyond product page best practice?

We’ve taken a look at some great examples of winning ecommerce product pages that go the extra mile: utilising the power of thoughtful design and content to create a digital experience worthy of any fancy offline store.

From rich media to great product stories, take some notes! 

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10 Cool Ideas for Making your Category Pages Less Boring

Posted by Hannah Stacey 28 Aug 14

In the hierarchy of pages on an ecommerce website, the lowly category page probably feels a little, well, un-loved. Sandwiched between a show-stopping homepage and carefully-crafted, persuasive product pages, category pages are essentially a bit of a stop-over, designed to move visitors down the purchasing journey.

While from the outset category pages may seem a little formulaic, varying very little from site to site with their grid-based layout (undoubtedly because this format works), some top online retailers are spicing theirs up a little. Here are ten ways they’re going about it:

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