7 Examples of Creative Ecommerce CTAs (and What Makes Them Irresistibly Clickable)

Posted by Abi Davies 10 May 17

Put simply, a CTA (call-to-action) refers to the copy ecommerce marketers use when they want a consumer to take a specific action—the most obvious of which being ‘Shop Now’.

But CTAs don’t have to be about driving sales; from asking consumers to read an article to encouraging them to provide their date of birth, a call to action can also be used to (for example) build a community or collect useful customer data.

Whatever their purpose, CTAs are important—as important as a headline or hero image. And yet, time and again, we recycle the same old stock phrases in our ecommerce marketing (be it email, on-site, social media or direct mail).

That said, there are a growing number of brands exchanging generic CTAs for more creative, compelling ones. To show you what we mean, listed below are seven examples we stumbled across recently (and couldn’t resist clicking).

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6 Ecommerce Brands with a Genuinely Great Tone of Voice

Posted by Abi Davies 9 Jun 16

German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, "Personality is everything in art and poetry." However, had ecommerce existed during the eighteenth century, we believe this quote would have read: "Personality is everything in art, poetry and ecommerce."

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