Accessibility in Email Design: 5 Tips for Ensuring Everyone Can Enjoy Your Emails

Posted by Abi Davies 26 Sep 16

email marketing templates With figures from the World Health Organisation (WHO) showing that 3.2% of people in Europe are considered blind or visually impaired, it’s more than likely that you are sending marketing emails to a number of recipients who may be unable to access them properly.  

To combat this, our resident email experts Ben and Dwayne have put together a list of simple but effective ways you can make your emails more accommodating to all of your subscribers - particularly those who are visually impaired.

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9 Ecommerce Popups You'll Wish Were Yours

Posted by Abi Davies 13 Sep 16

email capture ecommerce popupLove them or hate them, when it comes to building your email database, popups are always part of the conversation.

We’re referring, of course, to the small windows that appear, unannounced, in front of a retailer’s page when you visit their site - stopping your from doing anything until you either: enter your email address, acknowledge their announcement or hit the cancel button.

Due to their interruptive nature, popups can be a source of anger or exasperation among online shoppers - especially those who are, let’s say, in a rush or trying to use their phone with one hand whilst carrying shopping with the other.

Because of this, popups can also be a source of anxiety for online retailers concerned about high bounce rates.

And yet, despite all this doom and gloom, research is continuously on popups’ side. For example, according to conversion optimization platform JustUno, health and lifestyle company SkinnyMe Tea managed to increase email opt ins by 758% after adding pop up promotions to their website in 2015.

This proves that popups can work; but how can ecommerce marketers make sure their own versions encourage browsers to buy not bounce?

By making them genuinely awesome.

For this blog post, we visited over 50 different ecommerce sites to see which brands are getting popups right. Listed below are our top nine, and why they made the cut. 

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Four Ecommerce Marketing Stories You Should Have Read This Week

Posted by Abi Davies 22 Jul 16

From ASOS revealing its ceremonial “capsule collection” for Team GB to wear at the upcoming Rio Paralympic Games to the news that style icon Grace Coddington has created a new advertising campaign for Tiffany & Co., it was all go for fashionistas this week. shutterstock_435645256_copy.jpg

Heading over to the ecommerce side, Google seems to have upped its game on the advertising front, whilst Twitter has unveiled an application process that will enable users to ask for that all-important blue tick. And let’s not forget brands’ celebration of one of our hands down favourite days of the year: World Emoji Day.

Let’s take a closer look.

Did we miss a story? Tweet us @OmetiaData   twitter-312464_960_720.png

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4 spectacular guided selling examples

Posted by Huw Jenkins 2 Jun 16

shutterstock_282907193.pngOnce upon a time, online shoppers used the internet to find cheaper prices for products they had already decided to buy.

Nowadays, the web is central to the purchase decision journey - it's part of the reason to buy. 

In fact, half of shoppers spend at least 75% of their total shopping time conducting online research, according to Hubspot

Furthermore, by 202080% of the buying process is expected to occur without any direct human-to-human interaction (robots are comin'), meaning some sort of virtual sales assistant-equivalent is vital, with more shoppers shifting online than ever before.

So, how can ecommerce retailers turn discovery into sales and replicate the virtues of sprightly sales assistants, online? Guided selling, perhaps. 

This blog post will give you a quick peak behind the genius of guided selling, its applications and a few top notch examples (and perhaps a couple of puns). 

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The Internet of Things: AR, QR, NFC and iBeacons for Ecommerce

Posted by Victoria Elizabeth 9 Oct 13

shutterstock_211247059Many people have now heard of the mysterious ‘Internet of things,’ a term originally coined in 1999 by Kevin Ashton. This interconnected world where virtually anything could be tagged and digitalised is quickly becoming a reality with today’s rapid worldwide mobile growth. Smartphones and the creative apps that have been developed around them are allowing for more non-tech savvy people to become engaged in new technologies and use them for common needs, like researching products and shopping. Online retail is quickly becoming a major market for mobile engagement software, and as showrooming continues to be a popular shopping habit, smartphones are the key to bringing off and online closer together. In the UK, this trend is also on the upswing, and more retailers are using interactive apps and technologies to bridge the gap between on and offline stores.

In this post I’d like to compare four of the major contenders for interactive media technologies, namely AR, QR, NFC, and the newest addition, iBeacon. I have divided this post into three sections outlining important qualities that will help clarify which technology works better, and I will make a final assessment at the end. If you’d like to read more about each of the first three technologies, click the links below:

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