Top Fashion Twitter Accounts: 10 Must-Follow Fashion Industry Insiders

Posted by Hannah Stacey 30 Jun 17

Twitter fashion insiders to follow Twitter is for LOLs as well as the serious stuff, and it’s always nice when you stumble upon a gem of an account that ticks both ‘entertaining’ and ‘enlightening’ boxes.

So as a Friday treat, we did all the hard work for you: turning our attention to the fashion industry to come up with a list of top fashion Twitter accounts that are definitely worth a follow.

Not only do these guys give us the inside scoop on what’s going down in the fashion world, but it’s always served with a generous portion of wit, hilarity or downright absurdity. Enjoy!

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Eight Social Media Stories You Might Have Missed Recently

Posted by Abi Davies 12 Jun 17

Social media update There’s no denying it: between work meetings, to-do lists, presentations and mandatory tea breaks, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date with the constant stream of updates from social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter. 

As we approach the halfway mark of 2017, we thought it would be a good time to create an inventory of all the key changes to have taken place over the past few weeks.

Did we miss any? Let us know by leaving us a comment. 

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8 Important Lessons We Can All Learn From Bridal Brands on Pinterest

Posted by Abi Davies 30 Mar 17

Lessons in Pinterest from ecommerce bridal brands In the words of Mugatu, Pinterest— so hot right now.

The company, which reportedly makes all of its money from advertising, is predicted to generate over $500 million in revenue this year, and is rumoured to be well on the way to an IPO.

Over the last couple of years, Pinterest has simultaneously introduced strategic features for advertisers, such as Promoted and Buyable Pins, and established itself as a cost-effective, organic marketing channel for brands on a budget.

Thanks to its first-class visual discovery tools (including the recently updated Chrome extension plugin), clean and organised layout (who doesn’t love a mood board?) and reputation as a go-to source of style, design and culinary inspiration, Pinterest is a great way to not just acquire new followers, but also keep existing customers engaged.

If anyone understands Pinterest’s true potential, it’s brides to be. Boards devoted to wedding gowns, suits, bridesmaid dresses, colour-schemes, venue inspiration, vintage cars and bouquets abound on the site, making it a goldmine for brands catering to those gearing up for the big day.

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13 Examples of Brands Expertly Cross-Promoting Their Social Channels in Email

Posted by Abi Davies 13 Jan 17

With spam filters getting stricter and ecommerce competition getting higher, engaging consumers via email can prove challenging.

Consequently, increasing the number of touchpoints a person has with your brand is more important than ever; the more places a person can learn about your brand, the better.

One of the most obvious places a consumer can hear your marketing messages is social media. But this doesn’t mean ditching email (which continues to be the most powerful marketing tool available today). It means using email as a way to promote your social media - after all, the two tools are singing from the same hymn sheet.

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Lessons from the ecommerce brands owning social media right now

Posted by Huw Jenkins 16 Nov 16

shutterstock_184400693.pngAccording to Business Insider, referrals alone from social media sites increased almost 200% from 2014 to 2015.

Fastforward to 2016 and social commerce is hotter than ever, with social giants Pinterest, Facebook and - most recently - Instagram all taking the steps needed to become completely shoppable. 

As the pace of (ecommerce) change continues to accelerate, we've taken a step back to reflect on the retailers owning social media right now.

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