What 18-24 Year Olds Tell Us About the Future of Email Marketing, in 10 Stats

Posted by Abi Davies 26 May 16

Millennial email marketing statistics Being digital natives, 18-24 year olds are used to having information at their fingertips. They live and breathe social media, have spent their formative years shopping online and haven’t needed to look up a word in a tangible dictionary since the mid-noughties. So what does this age group expect from the world of ecommerce? 

If you’re an avid reader of our blog - which we trust all of you are  - you might have noticed that we recently published the Ometria Consumer Census 2016. This survey includes some eye-opening stats, shedding light on how young millennials really feel about your brand's email marketing.

Here’s what we know...

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Personalising Beyond [FNAME] in Ecommerce: an Interview With Ira Wichmann

Posted by Huw Jenkins 26 Jan 16

shutterstock_322991297.pngDo you remember being forced to shake the hand of that annoying acquaintance from uni with the sweaty palms...and they dare to forget your name?

No one can deny the bitter sting of being unknown - especially by THAT guy.

In the age of programmatic advertising, shoppers are all-too-often reduced to digital cookies on a screen: so how do marketers begin to create meaningful connections?

We spoke to the wonderful Ira Wichmann, Head of Loyalty at Lost My Name, about taking online marketing beyond the simple ‘Insert [FNAME]’ into the new age of ecommerce personalisation.

From the next-level opportunities of direct mail to taking personalisation off-channel and into the real world, enjoy!

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4 Marketing Mistakes Online Retailers Make When They Don't Have a Single Customer View

Posted by Hannah Stacey 28 Oct 15

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