The Online Fashion Lookbook: 6 Seriously Slick Examples You'll Want to Copy

Posted by Hannah Stacey 20 Apr 17

Online lookbooks enable fashion retailers across the globe to showcase new collections through images/videos that convey a “feel” or story for the new season.  

But while beautiful photography and carefully-considered styling often come as standard, many brands are pushing the boundaries of user experience design to present website visitors with an interesting browsing experience to complement their collections.

Here are some great examples of our favourites (click the image in each example to go to the real thing).   


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6 Top Brands on Polyvore (And How You Can Win At It Too)

Posted by Hannah Stacey 8 Jul 16

How does Polyvore fit into your digital marketing strategy? If you’re scratching your head and reaching for your phone to Google it, you’re already missing a fairly sizeable trick (sorry about that).

Launched in 2007 - years before Pinterest was even a twinkle in the eye of its creators - Polyvore has been making community-powered social commerce cool for the best part of nine years.

The platform enables fashion, beauty and homeware aficionados to curate their favourite products from across the web into collections or ‘sets’, in which each product is priced and directly linked to the page it can be bought. 

If most of your customers are hardcore Pinterest fans, we have good news. Using the Pinterest API, Polyvore users can "seamlessly save fashion, beauty and home decor sets from their site to Pinterest".

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Online Merchandising Best Practices for Today's Etailer

Posted by Victoria Elizabeth 4 Sep 13

4 mens mannequins with tan coloured dress shirtsWhen we think of merchandising, we tend to only consider bricks and mortar shops and how they are laid out. But the same principles behind them - i.e. why some products are presented to us first, and how we come across them - can be applied to an online shop. Placing something in just the right place can be the difference between relatively low conversion rates and precisely the opposite.

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