3 Campaigns for a Memorable Mother's Day

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 12 Mar 19

mother's day marketing from retailers

Mother's day campaigns are going to be sent by every brand, and well, their mum. So how do you make sure yours stands out?

Ensuring you have insight on your customers means not only will you be able to increase your open-rate and encourage them to spend on their mums but you'll further endear them to your brand overall. 

It's a challenge as everyone wants to show some appreciation to the matriarch in their lives - and you want to share campaigns that will do them all justice. Not an easy feat, but not impossible with these few tips. 

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8 Examples of Birthday Emails Worth Celebrating

Posted by Alegría 15 Feb 19

Best practice for ecommerce bithday emails_Birthday dog image For most of us, birthdays are an exciting time. Another year of life experienced and a fantastic opportunity to celebrate with close friends and family. So, why aren't retailers using their customers' day of celebration in campaigns more? 

Retailers getting in touch with shoppers on their birthdays is nothing new, but still not as readily exercised as it should be. Everyone wants to feel special on their big day, so making sure your birthday email are as personalised as possible can be a big win - generic birthday greetings won’t cut it for long; by using customer behavioural data you can really advance the campaigns you're sending to customer - it's essential to maximise what you know about them to create experiences that they'll truly love. 

With Ometria recently celebrating its 6th birthday, we looked back at birthday emails we've received over the past year to come up with a list of good examples (and we've made some advanced suggestions about how they could be improved, too).

For more in-depth tips on advancing your automated campaigns, read our guide which breaks down the 8 campaigns you should be sending and how to perfect them. 

Tips on how to create an advanced birthday campaign:

  • Segment your campaign or use dynamic content to change up the incentives you send, based on lifecycle stage (e.g. sending your VIPs an extra special gift, or increasing the incentive for those who are yet to purchase for the first time), gender, or other demographic factors.
  • Make sure that the data you have is accurate (double-check it's actually their birthday, did they share this information with you when subscribing to your emails? If not, you can instead celebrate the day they subscribed to your marketing as an anniversary) 
  • Include dynamic recommendations in the email based on the recipient's taste profile 

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4 Retailers Proving Welcome Emails Are Still a Smart Way to Tell Your Brand's Story

Posted by Hannah Stacey 9 May 18

Ecommerce welcome emails In the online retail space, brand storytelling is essential for any ecommerce retailer wanting to set themselves apart from the crowd and build a database of loyal customers and prospects.

Welcome emails are a unique opportunity to achieve brand buy-in early on in the customer journey (at a time when it's most important to make a great impression and foster connections).

This blog post will take a look at four online retailers using their welcome emails as a golden opportunity for some good old brand storytelling. By that, we mean that they... 

  • Have a clear brand tone of voice

  • Convey the brand’s values and ethos

  • Tell the brand’s story
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8 Big Ecommerce Marketing Questions Cohort Analysis Can Answer

Posted by Abi Davies 20 Sep 17

If you’ve avoided cohort analysis until now, we understand why. We know the state of confusion, anxiety and frustration it can initially bring about. 
what is cohort analysis?But trust us: once you *have* got it, it’s totally worth it—enabling you to explore the performance of your marketing in greater depth than ever before. In this blog post, we’ll cover the following areas:
  • What is cohort analysis? (A jargon-free, straightforward description)
  • How can ecommerce marketers use it?
  • Eight exemplary (ecommerce marketing) questions it can answer 

Coffee ready ☕ …? Let's begin.

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Best Ecommerce Product Pages: 13 First-Class Examples of Product Page Perfection

Posted by Hannah Stacey 14 Jul 17

Let’s face it, product pages are often more functional than fetching.

It’s understandable: when you’re building and testing pages that are geared towards selling, the overall 'feel' of a ecommerce product pageproduct page - creating that killer first impression - can sometimes take a backseat to cramming in all of the elements you think should be there to encourage a purchase: social sharing buttons, big calls to action, shipping information, product images and videos etc. (LingsCars.com on the right being an extreme example of this!).

And while undoubtedly many of these elements are crucial in clinching a sale, it’s important to remember that product pages are also an extension of your brand and your story; they’re there to get people excited about your products, to add a bit of 'wow' factor.

This blog post will look at thirteen product page examples - brands who have the best of both worlds, combining all the essential elements of high-converting product pages with some seriously slick design: these guys get the job done, and look pretty fly while they’re at it.

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