Five Reasons Why This Fashion Brand's Welcome Series Is So Good

Posted by Abi Davies 3 May 17

welcome email template Question: Why do people sign up to brands’ mailing lists?

Is it because they never want to see or hear from that brand again? Because they don’t want to be pestered with its news and updates, latest collections and blog content?

We don’t think so.

The reason people choose to enter their email address into a popup box asking them to do so is because they like the look of the ecommerce site they are browsing and want to learn more.

Which is why it’s such a disappointment when a brand doesn’t get in contact following a new sign up to say that very first “hello”.

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Ecommerce Customer Metrics, and How Marketers Can Move Them

Posted by James Dunford Wood 19 Apr 17

key customer metrics for ecommerce marketers Two of the most common questions I get asked by online retailers I work with are:

“What customer metrics should I be tracking?”

“Which ones should I be looking to influence?”

Typically most ecommerce managers and digital marketing managers will be tracking top line metrics like revenue per marketing channel and conversion rate, but it is surprising that the ones who are tracking metrics such as repeat rate, new customer revenue and time to second purchase are still in a minority.

These are all crucial metrics to be looking at, and if you can optimise them the long term health of your business can be greatly enhanced.

So let’s break them down.

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How to Calculate Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC) in Ecommerce

Posted by Edward Gotham 2 Mar 17

Cost of customer acquisition ecommerceThe customer acquisition cost (CAC or CoCA) means the price you pay to acquire a new customer. In its simplest form, it can be worked out by:

Dividing the total costs associated with acquisition by total new customers, within a specific time period

Do not get this metric confused with cost per action (CPA), as there is a strong distinction between the two. In ecommerce, cost per action is typically the amount you pay to convert a customer (i.e. to make a sale), but this relates to both new and returning customers.

CAC is all about acquiring new customers. See how even Google refers to CPA as ‘the cost you are willing to pay to make a conversion’ NOT to acquire a new customer.

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7 Ways to Grow Your Email Subscriber List (That Aren't Popups)

Posted by Abi Davies 15 Sep 16

Having covered the anatomy of a good ecommerce popup in our last blog post, we spoke to Ometria’s Head of Ecommerce (and resident Frenchie) Paul Henri about alternative ways that online retailers can grow their email lists.

how to grow email list From Facebook leads to offline hacks, here are Paul’s top seven suggestions.

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4 Ingenious Instagram Strategies from Fashion Retailers

Posted by Hannah Stacey 6 Jun 16

Instagram for retailersInstagram is both the best friend and worst enemy of fashion marketers. 

Boasting an army of 800 million users, it's a social network that online retailers (particularly those in fashion) would be ill-advised to ignore. Add to this the fact that beautiful imagery is, in many ways, the lifeblood of successful ecommerce and it's like fashion retailers and Instagram were destined to be besties.

Apart from one thing. 

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