April Fools' 2017: The Best of the Best Retailer Pranks

Posted by Abi Davies 3 Apr 17

April fools' ecommerce marketingSaturday morning seemed like a peculiar morning indeed.

First there was the “Instagram” filter on Snapchat (bit strange). Then came the text messages from friends, discussing a new marmite on the block that would cease to divide people: Meh-mite.

Shortly after, news spread about Google gnome. An AI-powered ornament that could play fetch with your dog by "throwing squeaks thither and hither via 3-D sound" seemed a bit implausible, even for Google.

The final straw came with an expose in The Guardian about George Osborne's new clothing line: Georgio.  

Now that could not be true.

That's when it dawned on us: April Fools' Day. A day that has been celebrated in the UK since at least the nineteenth century, but still manages to get us every.single.time.

Last year, retailers across the globe spent the day channeling their inner Jim Carrey, with ecommerce marketing pranks appearing left, right and centre.

This year, our retail friends seem to have become more tame—with many opting for the “this discount is no joke” strategy instead. Luckily, however, there were a couple of dozen brands delivering the lols.

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8 Important Lessons We Can All Learn From Bridal Brands on Pinterest

Posted by Abi Davies 30 Mar 17

Lessons in Pinterest from ecommerce bridal brands In the words of Mugatu, Pinterest— so hot right now.

The company, which reportedly makes all of its money from advertising, is predicted to generate over $500 million in revenue this year, and is rumoured to be well on the way to an IPO.

Over the last couple of years, Pinterest has simultaneously introduced strategic features for advertisers, such as Promoted and Buyable Pins, and established itself as a cost-effective, organic marketing channel for brands on a budget.

Thanks to its first-class visual discovery tools (including the recently updated Chrome extension plugin), clean and organised layout (who doesn’t love a mood board?) and reputation as a go-to source of style, design and culinary inspiration, Pinterest is a great way to not just acquire new followers, but also keep existing customers engaged.

If anyone understands Pinterest’s true potential, it’s brides to be. Boards devoted to wedding gowns, suits, bridesmaid dresses, colour-schemes, venue inspiration, vintage cars and bouquets abound on the site, making it a goldmine for brands catering to those gearing up for the big day.

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Four Contemporary Brands With Ingenious Micro-Copy

Posted by Abi Davies 30 Jan 17

product description In the ecommerce marketing realm, micro-copy is sacred.

We’re talking about any short bits of copy found on a brand's website that help online shoppers:

  • Find their way around, e.g. “scroll left to see the full look”
  • Follow instructions, e.g. “write your address here” or “do you have caps lock on?”
  • Get more of a feel for your brand's personality, e.g. “say hi!” (vs a more formal “contact us”)

Some of the most obvious places your brand will need effective micro-copy include: headlines, sub headings, calls-to-action (CTAs), pop-ups, product descriptions, navigation bars ... the list goes on.

But how do you go about creating it? 

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6 Ecommerce Brands with a Genuinely Great Tone of Voice

Posted by Abi Davies 9 Jun 16

German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, "Personality is everything in art and poetry." However, had ecommerce existed during the eighteenth century, we believe this quote would have read: "Personality is everything in art, poetry and ecommerce."

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5 Enlightening Ecommerce Storytelling Lessons from 'Of a Kind'

Posted by Huw Jenkins 29 Apr 16


With every Joe Bloggs opening up ecommerce emporiums left, right and dead centre, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd if you're an online retailer.

So how do you cut through the noise? With a good story, of course. 

Take a moment to stroll through the corridors of your youth. To your lamp-lit, childhood bedroom. Remember the stories you used to read, the pictures, the front covers? What a treasured little place those memories still reside. 

Stories have the power to envelop, connect and last.  

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