Anatomy of a Perfectly Personalised Ecommerce Newsletter

Posted by Abi Davies 2 Mar 17

the importance of personalisation in ecommerce marketing It’s no secret that sending generic, untargeted emails to your customers is about as helpful as making your friend who only drinks English Breakfast tea with milk and sugar an Earl Gray with neither milk nor sugar.

…i.e. not very. 

And yet, as a cursory glance at your inbox will no doubt prove, the majority of ecommerce brands out there still aren't personalising their newsletters: they're sending (more or less) the exact same message to everyone in their subscriber base.

Does it matter? Data suggests 'yes', it does. In our consumer census last year, over 50 per cent admitted it bothered them when brands emailed content failing to match their personal tastes.

We get it (sort of). The thought of all that laborious creation of multiple versions of the same newsletter traditionally associated with personalisation is bound to have many an ecommerce marketer running for the hills.

But—breaking news people—personalising your newsletters is no longer that difficult. In fact, today, it’s a pretty easy process that can be achieved via a single template…all thanks to dynamic content.

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Three simple first steps to personalising your newsletters

Posted by Abi Davies 9 Feb 17

first steps to personalisation From publishing houses to museums to music streaming services, making marketing as personalised as possible has become a priority for organisations across the globe.

As we all know, ecommerce brands are no exception; and as machine learning continues to get smarter, so expectations for 1:1 personalisation in email marketing continue to rise.

A hero image that automatically changes according to a recipient’s gender? Product recommendations based on the local weather forecast for a customer’s geographical location? A countdown to Valentine’s Day that’s optimized according to open-time?

The ecommerce newsletter of the future knows few boundaries, but is it actually attainable? Thanks to dynamic content, the answer is “yes”: it is.

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