Have a winning Cyber Weekend: Lessons learned from Black Friday 2017

Posted by Alegría 24 Oct 18

As with most things in life, great results come from assessing what happened before and improving it. martin-adams-707915-unsplash copyThe annual Black Friday retail bonanza is no different.

As this is one of the busiest periods for retailers, it’s easy to resort to old ‘batch-and-blast’ habits for the sake of increased revenue. A few minor tweaks can be all that’s needed to achieve better engagement, standing out from the Cyber Weekend crowd and positively impact long-term relationships with customers. 

We analysed hundreds of thousands of marketing interactions for Black Friday 2017 to spot the biggest trends. In this post we’ll take a look at how you can use those trends to your advantage; applying last-minute changes that take your campaigns from mass send to mass appeal.

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What Data Tells Us About Black Friday 2017

Posted by Abi Davies and Rajiv Patel 29 Nov 17

black Friday 2017As the Black Friday weekend came to a steady close, so our in-house data scientist, Rajiv, began to investigate the performance of this year’s annual sales event.

Looking closely at the data from over 100 retailers, he was able to draw the following seven conclusions about Black Friday 2017—each of which helps to shed light on just how important the weekend is for today’s retail marketers.

(N.b Where we’ve compared this year’s data to last year’s, we’ve taken into account the business growth between that time for each individual retailer looked at.)

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Seven Smart Ways to Optimise Your Email Marketing Campaigns for Black Friday 2017

Posted by Abi Davies 9 Nov 17

Last November, research carried out by our in-house data scientist revealed that, whilst Black Friday shoppers tend to be less valuable (in the long-term) than those acquired throughout the rest of the year, the annual event continues to be an indispensable revenue-making opportunity for retailers.

The research also indicated that, when it comes to engaging and converting Black Friday shoppers, email is still the most powerful and effective channel to use.

black friday 2016 stats

With this in mind, and with only 15 days to go until this year’s festive sale frenzy, we’ve put together seven smart ways ecommerce marketers can optimise their Black Friday marketing campaigns this year;focusing specifically on:

  1. Who to send the campaign to?
  2. What to send them?
  3. How to send it?
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