Four Ways Ecommerce Marketers Can Start Using AI Today

Posted by Abi Davies 25 May 17

AI in ecommerce marketingFrom Facebook’s (slightly spooky) facial recognition functionality “DeepFace” to Amazon’s intelligent personal assistant Alexa, over the past couple of years artificial intelligence (AI) has become ubiquitous—part of what many would consider everyday life.

… Or has it?

Whilst AI has become commonplace among technology giants like Google, Instagram and Microsoft, for most marketers it’s still uncharted territory—something encountered regularly outside of work (e.g. Netflix recommendations), but rarely inside.

This is mainly down to a lack of knowledge and transparency; historically, AI has been something only talked about by experts in the computer science field, and consequently the language surrounding it is (even now) pretty arcane and, at first glance, intimidating.

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But this is all changing. AI is becoming accessible to almost all industries—especially ecommerce marketing.  Listed below are four ways your brand could be using AI to augment its marketing right now.

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