Retargeting Emails Done Right in Ecommerce

Posted by Victoria Elizabeth 24 Mar 14

Email marketing, like most other marketer's tools, have seen some significant changes in the past year. But while Gmail tabs may have relegated your company messages into the Promotions Tab, that doesn't signal the end of email as we know it. 



In fact, the Promotions Tab can ensure that your subscribers are getting their messages more directly since they are placed together and not lost amongst bank statements and family reunion reminders. This also means that a specific type of email - the retargeting email - can get more exposure here.

With as many as 3/4 of your customers walking out on their baskets, don't you think it's time to do something to get them back? 



What is Retargeting and Does It Work?

Retargeting emails have consistently shown to generate revenue for ecommerce retailers and bring customers back to purchase even more. If you've ever added items into a basket, entered all the details up to the credit card info, and then for one reason or another, left the page, you will have been a candidate for retargeting. 

During your wandering through the internet, you could end up seeing advertisements for the products you left behind on other sites. This is one way to remind customers to click through and purchase your products, and is based on leaving cookies on a visitor's browser. 

Email is another great way to communicate with customers and show them a more personalised side to your business. It's also a different kind of internet activity, since when someone is checking their emails, they may be in a totally different setting and mindset to when they were browsing and shopping online. This can be used to the advantage of retailers as a way to finalise a purchase.

Ecommerce Consultant Dr Mike Baxter spoke about Data Triangulation at Ometria's first breakfast seminar this month, and had some interesting things to say about retargeting customers. Based on his Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value (or RFM) Matrix, Dr Baxter showed the many different types of customers that can and should be retargeted.



For those that are lapsing hero customers, as we like to call them, you should gently nudge them to come back, which is the best opportunity to use retargeting emails. You can also add something enticing, like free shipping and returns if that is not a universal policy at your ecommerce store already.

Another type of customer, already lapsed heros, may have been good customers before, but are quickly losing interest. They are great candidates for retargeting as well, and you should spend some time in retargeting them with specific assurances, such as a large security display and privacy policy, or a limited supply count on their specific basket items. With as many as 53% of basket abandoners citing delivery charges as the reason for leaving items behind, this may be the time to include that free shipping as well. 

And if you aren't yet convinced if email retargeting works, here are nine examples from Econsultancy of retailers' success stories with retargeting emails.


Best Practices for Email Retargeting

There are some general dos and don'ts for email retargeting that you should keep in mind when implenting a campaign:

  • Show Items from Basket with photos, short descriptions, links to view product pages and price
  • Make CTAs big, bold and different in colour to other CTAs
  • Include Contact information like email, phone number and chat if possible
  • Make security symbol clear and big
  • Add security policy for personal and credit card information
  • Make delivery price bold, and if you can offer free shipping and returns, make that extra bold!
  • Add FAQs for frequent shipping and other policy questions
  • Add clear link to personal account if recipient has provided that information
  • Keep it clean, clear and focused

Making sure that your retargeting emails include these elements and you will see that dramatic effects it can have on clicks, conversions and revenues. 


Take Aways

Retargeting is a great way to bring customers back into your ecommerce store, and if done well, can increase AOV, Average Order Values, and loyalty. Make sure you are investing in getting back all those abandoned baskets by implementing triggered emails for your best and lapsing visitors. To learn more about how to implement Customer Lifecycle Marketing, check out our CLM kit below:





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