How to Send Great Win-Back Email Campaigns

Posted by Alegría 8 Feb 19

All marketers have heard it before: acquiring a new customer is usually more costly than getting an already-rick-roll-astley-never-gonna-give-you-upacquired customer to repurchase. 

But given that we all know how valuable repeat customers are, it’s surprising how little effort many online retailers put into re-activating customers that are at risk of lapsing, especially those who have been great customers in the past. In the world of customer relationships, retailers' approach should be more Rick Astley and less Ariana Grande.

With 61% of consumers frustrated that their loyalty is not recognised - the loss of existing customers is something that remains an issue for retail marketers. 

Losing a few customers here and there is part and parcel of running an online store, but by using advanced strategies to win back lapsed customers, online retailers are missing out both an opportunity to re-align consumers to their brand and increase revenue.  

This blog post aims to provide an overview of how you can use advanced tactics in your emails to win back lost customers and provide them with tailored content that reminds them your recognise their importance as a shopper with your brand. 

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How Sigma Sports is Using Dynamic Content to Win Return Customers

Posted by Alegría 24 Jan 19

Premium cycling brand Sigma Sports wanted to learn more about its returning customers to be able KQ4fWSFuSBCwG7Ea8hbu_full_Sigma sports welcome campaign copyto provide an online experience that felt both well-thought out and personal.

Catering to triathletes, road cyclists, mountain bikers and enthusiasts alike, the cycling brand was struggling to collate its data - which was housed across multiple platforms - to both cement its growing brand identity and serve experiences that felt tailored to the needs of its shoppers.

Sigma Sports identified that having unified data as the foundation of their email and cross channel campaigns would be essential to truly innovating the way it communicated with its shoppers. This meant a step away from isolated batch-and-blast email tactics and a clear and data-led automated customer lifecycle campaign, starting from the very first welcome email. Calling upon Ometria, the brand is now able to have in-depth insight about its customers, learn their habits and behaviours and alter content to match and exceed expectations of a customer-focused online experience.

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A Guide to Sending Brilliant Ecommerce Welcome Emails

Posted by Alegría 15 Jan 19


Although not new to any savvy retail marketer, welcome emails are a vital part of lifecycle marketing – they set the tone of the interactions you have with your new subscriber and whether you're a brand they're excited to spend with. 

As customers have more options to choose from, their inboxes swell with emails from retailers wanting to make sure they become a loyal customer. This means your first initial email is a deciding factor. Taking your welcome campaign to the next level is no longer an option - it's a necessity. 

So, how can you ensure you are efficiently crafting truly personal and innovative campaigns on a, sometimes, pretty large scale?

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Three Big Predictions for Retention Marketing in 2019

Posted by Alegría 4 Jan 19


2018 was all about the customer with the rise customer retention staples like dynamic content and Retention marketing trends preview (white background) copyadvanced segmentation much like our predictions last year claimed. As retail marketing becomes more focused on the individual shopper experience within ‘The Age of the Customer’ - what does this mean for retention marketing in 2019?

In our latest guide, we peek behind the curtain to reveal what some of the biggest and most disruptive brands are piecing together for their new year marketing resolutions. Want to know what IKEA, and eve Sleep are working on right now? Download your copy for the full debrief. 

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3 Examples of How to Easily Innovate and Personalise Your Newsletters

Posted by Alegría 10 Dec 18


As our consumer census showed, 75% of customers are still feeling misunderstood by the retailers whooleg-laptev-546607-unsplash copy engage with them. To create memorable marketing campaigns, personalisation needs to feel truly centred around the customer and their needs and interests, and add to their overall experience.

But when it comes to newsletters in particular, for many marketers there is a worry that it may create an extra workload to get all the multiple templates created to go out to your specific customer groups.

But we think it's totally worth it, because a) there are simple ways to be both innovative and efficient b) your customers will love it and c) the below examples are proof of this. 

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