Marvellous Examples of Mother's Day Marketing from 12 Retailers

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 23 Feb 18

mother's day marketing from retailers Ever forgotten to send a card for Mother’s Day?

Experienced that sense of dread when you realise it’s Saturday and you’ve missed the deadline for getting your flower order in?

Felt like a disappointing child when you’ve had to send a Mother’s Day text message, instead of a gift?

It’s okay, we’ve all been there—including your customers. 

... Which is where brilliant retail marketing steps in. 

For this post, we've brought together a range of different (old and new) retail marketing campaigns, all designed to help online shoppers find exactly what they want in time for Mother's Day. 

Before we begin... 💡

Here are two top tips any retailer can use to optimise their Mother's Day campaigns:

  • Use cohort analysis to determine whether you have a segment of gift-shoppers that only shop with you around Mother's Day. If they're signed up to your marketing messages, use this information to send them useful content—such as your 2018 gift-guide. (Learn all about cohort analysis, how it works and how you can use it in this blog post.) 
  • Remember to include product recommendations. Whether they are personalised (based on the customer-data available), generic (based on factors such as "top products" or "latest range"), or category specific (e.g. only displaying products within your Mother's Day gift-guide range), product recommendations remind your customers what your brand has to offer them. (Learn more about product recommendation engines and how to use them effectively here.) 

Now for some marvellous examples of Mother's Day marketing campaigns. 

New Call-to-action

Email Campaigns


For Mother's Day 2017, Danish jewellery brand Pandora opted for a drip campaign—starting out with a simple promotion at the bottom of its newsletter before moving on to a series of dedicated broadcast emails. 

The first email—sent out a few weeks in advance—offered some great gift ideas in the shape of heart charms, whereas the second focused more on the brand's special Mother's Day offer. 

Pandora email


Personalised cards and stationary retailer Papier is behind one of our favourite Mother's Day campaigns —not just for its beautiful email template design (shown below), but its charitable cause.

As explained in the copy below, Papier donates 30p from the sale of every Mother's Day card to the Breast Cancer Haven

papier mother's day email campaign .png

Rose & Grey

This old but brilliant Mother's Day campaign from furniture and interiors store Rose & Grey works so well because it's creative, original and evocative. 

The email made us not only reminisce about our childhood (as soon as you see the business founders' classic photograph, you immediately want to start searching for your own old family pictures), but also start thinking about the different ways to give a Mother's Day present a vintage twist. 




For those after a luxurious, classic gift, Burberry is your friend.

From perfume to ponchos to scarves, what's great about the British fashion house is its brilliant and now famous monogramming service. 

(The image on the left shows an old Burberry newsletter promoting the My Burberry perfume especially for MUM, and the image on the right shows their Gifts section, where you can monogram clothing items or simply buy their suggested presents.)

burberry mother's day marketing


Special Events & Partnerships


In 2015, J. Crew invited all of its email list to a tea party in selected offline stores, with the promise of a gift with every purchase, plus other (mysterious) surprises. The messaging was clear - get some daughter/son-mum quality time and buy her some of J.Crew´s fantastic clothes, shoes or jewellery. Definitely was our cup of tea!


Mulberry Bond Street teamed up with McQueens flowers for Mother's Day 2017, inviting a florist to the store to create posies for those buying gifts on the day.

Despite not incentivising their online sales, this campaign definitely encouraged customers to go to their store. It’s these little touches that can help brands earn the customers’ preference, especially on gifting occasions such as Mother’s Day (can’t go wrong with flowers, can you?).



Gift Guides

Some retailers have created gift guides for the occasion, bringing together a carefully curated selection of the perfect gifts for mum. These are great for product bundling and cross-selling, if we think of the 'shop the look' trend in ecommerce stores. Bear in mind that these campaigns must be well executed, with links to every product within a guide or the ability to add a whole selection of products to basket.
The White Company

Every year, there will always be certain brands that promote their Mother's Day gift guide on their site—either through a banner/section on their homepage or in a the dropdown of a "gift" tab in the navigation bar.

As shown below, The White Company is one of those brands, devoting an entire landing page to Mother's Day gift ideas.


mother's day  marketing the white company
UGG Australia
This screengrab from UGG's site last year is a great example of a brand including a 'Mother’s Day Gifts’ section on its website.
UGG incorporated a countdown timer to the day (creating a sense of urgency), and offered customers free delivery.
ugg mother's day gift guide


Uniqlo has also been known to experiment with a Mother's Day Guide, inviting shoppers to spoil their mum with "new (Uniqlo) additions".

Below is an older Uniqlo newsletter promoting its guide; by clicking the "shop the guide" CTA, recipients were able to choose between day, work or casual categories of products (image on the right).

uniqlo mother's day marketing


A quick visit to the Lush website reveals that the brand is already setting to work with Mother's Day 2018, encouraging visitors to "give the gift of time". The CTA links through to an excellent blog poston unique ways to help mums wind down. 

 LUSH mother's day marketing


(The handmade cosmetics brand has used social media to promote its products for Mother’s Day in the past, with a few amazing marketing campaigns under its belt:)  


lush social media campaigns for mother's day

Social Media Campaigns

Merci Maman

As part of its 2018 Mother's Day campaign (From One Mother To Another), personalised hand-engraved jewellery brand Merci Maman is posting a series of lovely (and funny!) quotes and quips on its social media channels. Here's one of our favourites:  

The Body Shop

True to form, last year The Body Shop introduced yet another brilliant Mother's Day campaign on social media, asking its followers to "share a vintage photo of the woman who passed on her spirit and quirks to you" using the hashtag #GotItFromHer. The brand promoted the campaign mainly on Instagram, as shown in the screengrab below.
The Body Shop Mother's Day campaign  

On the subject of The Body Shop, who remembers this video for the brand's 'Treat Mum Like a Queen' campaign? Just brilliant. 



Key Takeaways

We believe there are three fundamental aspects to consider when implementing an ecommerce marketing campaign for this sort of occasion:

  • Timing: some retailers started promoting their Mother´s Day campaigns as early as February, while others have chosen to do one-day or one-weekend only flash campaigns in the week before the big day.

  • Frequency: some retailers sent a one-off email or social ad if you’ve been on their website, while others have sent a series of triggered emails with time-limited offers.

  • Type of product offering and complementary activity: there are many options to leverage this occasion to increase your revenues. Bundle some of your existing products that can be mum-type presents from the same category, create exclusive product editions, create Gift Guides that combine different product categories into a pack, organise and invite customers for day-events in your offline stores, or simply offer special goodies (relevant to the occasion) if they spend over a certain amount in your shop.



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