Could Credit Card Scanning be the Saviour of the Mobile Checkout Process?

Posted by Hannah Stacey 20 Aug 14

shutterstock_153863999With mobile commerce on the rise, brands are increasingly having to focus their attention on the experience they offer customers using mobile devices.

Optimising the checkout process for smartphone and tablet users is an incredibly important part of this: the last hurdle in the customer journey, the mobile checkout is fraught with potential UX issues, largely revolving around the size of the mobile screen and the cumbersome nature of mobile keyboards.

In the video below, esteemed ecommerce consultant Dr Mike Baxter discusses a simple solution to the laborious task of filling out payment details, alongside eleven other ecommerce conversion ‘hacks’ (now available in a downloadable ebook called 12 hacks for boosting your online selling power.)


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This is a new technology which is addressing the issue of lower conversion on mobile devices. I guess the vast majority will have seen in your analytics that desktop, laptop and possibly tablet are converting well while mobile is suffering. And it’s not very surprising because you’ve got a lot of stuff in a small space.

So this an attempt to get rid of all of that with a credit card scanner and there are two of them that I’ve come across that appear to be being used and Netswipe. And, in terms of a hack, are you going to be able to use this tomorrow? The good news is yes you are - the suggests that you can download the app and integrate it within 5 minutes - I suspect this gives you a test rig. So in terms of a hack i’d definitely say give it a go: try it, but I’d be cautious as to how much effort it will take to integrate with all of the security you need around it

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