[Video] Some Useful Tips for Using Product Page Design to Reduce Return Rates

Posted by Hannah Stacey 26 Aug 14

Returned items can cause a headache for many online retailers. In this video from Ometria’s latest breakfast seminar, renowned ecommerce expert Dr Mike Baxter talks through some tactics online retailers can employ to nip returns in the bud, even before a purchase is made.

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Ecommerce return rates. For many of you, they’re probably a nightmare. For some of you the situation might be more manageable, but there are some things that online retailers have done that have substantially reduced returns, and these are two of them that I quite like.

So this sports goods company has done a lot of work getting not just good images with 360 degree views etc. but they have also done a good deal of work with videos. And they’re quite simple, very sharp videos; quick how-tos, so that if I say want a rucksack for a weekend away then I’ll learn a whole lot more from watching the video than any number of images.

So enriching the product content can have a big effect on returns.

But the other one that I think is very nice is this notion of fit. I’m between a size 7 and size 8 so I might buy both and return one. But if I was able to see that this particular size 7 fits big or the size 8 fits small, that might inform me and I might just go with one.

Some review companies offer this as a standard part of the review process and it’s interesting feedback if you can get hold of any data - even if you can find out yourselves or call in a company doing independent work on size and fit.

The other thing to check in terms of return rates is whether there are any acquisition patterns. So are you finding that you’re getting higher return rates from, for example, a particular pay per click campaign? If you do that suggests that ppc campaign is over-promising and under-delivering, so it’s just an alert to have a look and see whether return rates are varying for any particularly acquisition channels.

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