Ecommerce Infographic of the Week: Customer Experience Mistakes

Posted by Hannah Stacey 11 Jun 14

This week we're loving this infographic by ReferralCandy exploring some of the biggest customer experience mistakes that online retailers make. From not earning the trust of customers to having confusing navigation; lacking detailed product information to having a complicated checkout processes, one thing's for sure: providing customers with a poor online shopping experience will cost you dear.

Here are our favourite quotes from the infographic:

  • "Heard of information overload? Don't bury your products in a sea of links and banners and widgets and feeds." - Lyn Peyok, lead creative at Dowitcher Design
  • "The goal of an ecommerce site is to sell products. If your site puts more focus on bells and whistles or the design itself, it's not achieving that primary goal." - Cameron Chapman, professional web and graphic designer
  • "If a customer is left wondering about the specifics of a product, they're more likely to go look for the information elsewhere." - Cameron Chapman, professional web and graphic designer

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