8 Ecommerce Brands with Enviably Good Website Copy

Posted by Hannah Stacey 30 Oct 14

shutterstock_208339774It’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of copy when it comes to connecting with visitors to your online store.  

Sure, great imagery and super slick UX are must-haves, but in the era of the ‘personal brand’, shopping is about more than this; it’s about consumers buying into your brand because they are (or want to be) part of a tribe.

Strong copy is perhaps the most effective tool in building a brand that people really want to be associated with. Here are eight examples of online retailers using excellent copy to build their brand.

1) Loaf

Online furniture retailer Loaf is all about the ‘nice touches’ on its website. We love how it really makes you feel at home.  

Copy highlights:

Banner ad for new range of furniture

An ad for the brochure on the homepage

Link to mattress section on homepage carousel

2) Kate Spade Saturday

The Kate Spade spin-off has a far more playful tone of voice than its rather more sensible big sister. We love how this is reflected in all of its marketing, from newsletter signup pop-ups to emails to tweets to general website copy.

Copy highlights:

Newsletter signup popup

About us page

'Customise your own bag' page

3) AO.com

This one’s for anyone currently thinking, ‘But I sell boring stuff! How on earth do I write scintillating copy about that?’.  Enter AO, who succeed at making even dishwashers sound exciting.

Copy highlights:

Dishwasher product description

‘What makes us different’ section

4) AYR

Bonobos’ new store for the ladies, the AYR website is brimming with fantastically witty copy.

Copy highlights:

Editions denim page
Editions denim page
Newsletter signup box


Sometimes you don’t have to say much to say a lot. New kids on the watch-making block, INSTRMNT mirror their minimalist timepiece design with simple, functional copy.

Copy highlights:


Product description


6) Uncommon Goods

When your store stocks hundreds - or even thousands - of products, it can be tempting to slap the good old manufacturer description on your product pages instead of getting creative. Gift website Uncommon Goods bucks the trend, with quirky, on-brand product descriptions throughout.

Copy highlight:


Product page description


7) Nasty Gal

Okay, we have to admit to having a bit of a brand-crush on these guys. And as with any strong brand, their copy matches their style - cool, informal and a bit provocative.


Copy highlights:

Halloween email campaign

Homepage banner for the new collection

Email marketing campaign


8) Jack Wills

Fabulously posh university outfitter Jack Wills is all about quality and British-ness; something that it really brings out in its copy.

Copy highlights:

Homepage menu bar

Product description

3 golden rules of great ecommerce website copy:

1) Average copy isn't good enough: if brand building is your goal, your copy must be laser-focused on the wants and needs of your target audience.

2) Lots of copy ≠ good copy: Quality always trump quantity - the best brands get across what they want to say succinctly.

3) Your copy must make sense: Not just grammatically! It's important that your copy is in line with your brand image/product proposition as a whole. 


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