Four Ecommerce Marketing Stories You Should Have Read This Week

Posted by Abi Davies 22 Jul 16

From ASOS revealing its ceremonial “capsule collection” for Team GB to wear at the upcoming Rio Paralympic Games to the news that style icon Grace Coddington has created a new advertising campaign for Tiffany & Co., it was all go for fashionistas this week. shutterstock_435645256_copy.jpg

Heading over to the ecommerce side, Google seems to have upped its game on the advertising front, whilst Twitter has unveiled an application process that will enable users to ask for that all-important blue tick. And let’s not forget brands’ celebration of one of our hands down favourite days of the year: World Emoji Day.

Let’s take a closer look.

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AdWords announces new features to improve mobile shopping

Google has revealed that it’s introducing a plethora of new features designed to to make mobile shopping easier, with a push to help shoppers discover and explore.

In days gone by, Google has responded to broad shopping searches with very specific product ads that risk being totally irrelevant.

However, the tech giant’s new Showcase Shopping ads will help people further explore and discover what they want to buy and where they want to buy it by displaying full collections. As the company explained in its blog post:

“...if a shopper searches ‘summer dresses,’ ASOS, a global apparel retailer, can now showcase its collection of dresses in a visually rich experience.”


It added that all merchants running Shopping Campaigns in the US, UK and Australia will be able to have their products automatically appear in Showcase ads over the next couple of weeks. For those wishing to customize how their brand and products look, Google devs are exploring a “premium version” enabling merchants to “curate the experience”.

Other Google-related ecommerce updates include:

  • New features for Google’s “TrueView for shopping”, which was introduced last year to make it easier for viewers to garner more information about your product and click to buy whilst watching video ads.
  • In a push to “enable shopping across borders”, Google is experimenting with a tool to carry out currency conversions in Australia, Switzerland, Canada and the UK. The new feature will enable users to convert the currency in your product data locally, making ads “more understandable” to users abroad.


Twitter announces application process for verified accounts

Now anyone can apply to add the hallowed blue tick to their profile, with Twitter announcing the launch of an application process that lets users request verification. Twitter___twitter____Twitter.png

The reasoning behind this move remains somewhat unclear - some have pointed towards growing concerns about harassment of celebrities on the social network being a key driver, though Twitter’s official line is that the company wants ‘to help more people find great, high-quality accounts to follow, and for creators and influencers’.

Any Twitter user who believes their account is ‘of public interest’ can throw their hat in the ring, providing their account meets certain criteria.

It remains to be seen whether everyone who applies for this status will be successful (currently only around 0.06% of Twitter’s 310 million active users are verified), but for retailers wanting to add an important trust mark to their accounts, this is an opportunity worth taking.



Google trials ads that load faster and don’t use as much power

Google, the gift that keeps on giving.

The company has revealed in its Accelerated Mobile Pages (Amp) blog that it’s discovered a way to make retailers’ ads load quicker on web pages displayed on smartphones and tablets.

According to the BBC, the ads will also be “less taxing on the handsets’ processes”, thus use less power.

How does it work? The Drum has reported that, whilst most ad tech depends on JavaScript, Google’s new AMP for Ads will limit the use of the programming language and provide “alternative activity measurement tools”.

Don’t get too excited though - the experiments are still just in the development phase.



World Emoji Day

Celebrated on 17th July (the date shown on iOS’s calendar emoji 📅 - bit of triv for you there), World Emoji Day saw a huge number of brands getting in on the act.



 This year also witnessed the spectacular launch of the (albeit slightly harrowing) ‘Emoji Day Anthem’ - watch at your peril.


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