6 Fascinating Online Shopping Stats from the Cyber Weekend

Posted by Huw Jenkins 2 Dec 15

black-friday-stats-2015.pngEmerging from the ashes of the ‘Cyber Weekend’ spending spree comes the predictable swathes of data signalling the latest surge in mobile commerce and record-breaking online spend.

Sifting through the burning embers of raw data, we’ve sacrificed ourselves in the pursuit of knowledge, to bring you everything you need to know: from the true lifetime value of a Black Friday shopper to intriguing cart abandonment rates - look no further.

We’ve drawn six of the most interesting stats from the weekend and have recommended easy tips to quickly build in to your seasonal marketing to maximise transactions and secure lifelong customers. We've also turned it into a handy shareable infographic at the bottom of the post. 

1) Average order value up 14.5%

Online shoppers are spending more online this Black Friday weekend - compared to last year - with the average order value (AOV) up by 14.5%. The AOV during the weekend was also up 5.7% when compared to the rest of 2015.

Action point: Consider giving customer segments that you really want to activate around this time (such as VIP customers and big spenders) early access to the sale in order to increase the likelihood they’ll find items they want to buy.

2) 32% uplift in mobile transactions 

Perhaps unsurprisingly and undoubtedly fueled by increased smartphone ownership and greater access to 4G, our data suggests a healthy rise in mobile commerce this Black Friday weekend - with a 32% jump in the proportion of mobile transactions compared to the same period last year - representing a 9% increase when compared to 2015 as a whole.

Action point: With the ceaseless rise of mobile, it has never been more important to ditch clunky checkout processes. Integrating easy-to-use payments systems (such as card-reading technology) into the checkout and making sure every element of the customer journey is optimised for mobile will help to drive sales and improve the overall customer experience.

3) Customers acquired during Black Friday are less valuable 

Based on last year’s figures, we found that prospects acquired during the Black Friday weekend spend - on average - 11% less in their first year than those acquired at other times.

Action point: set up targeted nurturing campaigns for customers acquired during the festive season - you’ll have to try especially hard to keep them active in the coming year.

4) 51% drop in repeat shoppers

The proportion of consumers shopping more than once with the same brand over the weekend fell to 4.5% in 2015, compared with 9.2% in 2014 - representing a 51% drop. This could be down to greater competition this Cyber Weekend.  

Action point: Create special post-purchase campaigns for festive promotions, focusing on encouraging the recipient to make a speedy follow-up purchase. Highlight sales deadlines and, if possible, personalise based on items that they have viewed and purchased.

5) 53% rise in cart abandonment rate 

When comparing data with the rest of 2015, it appears there’s is a sharp rise in shoppers abandoning sales at the final stage this Black Friday, with a 53% increase in the number of shoppers failing to checkout items in their basket.  Our research also found a 10% rise in cart abandonment compared to the Black Friday weekend last year.

Action point: Do everything you can to encourage flighty bargain hunters to come back to purchase - whether that’s sending them cart or browse abandonment emails, or retargeting them on social with the items they’ve left behind.

6) 9% net increase in visits 

With the American-born Black Friday phenomenon firmly rooted into the global ecommerce calendar, it’s clear that consumers have caught the online bargain bug. Total visits to sites on mobile desktop was up 9% compared to the same period last year - representing an upwards trend in Black Friday traffic.

Action point: With even big names like Target experiencing technological glitches over Black Friday weekend, it’s important to ensure your site is well-prepped for an onslaught of visitors around peak holiday promos.

As the ecommerce world restocks and reboots its systems following its busiest online period - ever - it’s clear that Black Friday and its following discount days are gaining traction around the globe, with more people visiting sites, spending more and shopping across multiple devices.

However, our data suggests that more needs to be done to convince consumers to convert sales at the checkout and to increase the lifetime value of prospects acquired over the Black Friday period.





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