Social Media for Retail: 9 Irresistibly Clickable Customer Acquisition Tweets

Posted by Hannah Stacey 16 May 14

While some see social media for retail as little more than a fluffy PR exercise, many brands are starting to prove that online retailers should consider social media as a tool for cold, hard customer acquisition.

So how do you entice a casual browser away from their newsfeed and onto your website? The answer lies in religiously including links in your tweets and crafting brilliantly copy that makes people want to click on them. Here are some tweets from online retailers we saw this week that made us want to do just that.

1) Fashion Union

Destination: the brand’s Instagram account

How they do it: encouraging followers to head right on over to their Instagram page to enter a #FUselfie competition (and check out the entries of fellow ‘badasses’)  

2) Bershka

Destination: Bershka’s online lifestyle blog, ‘Bscene’

How they do it: asking followers and bloggers to choose their favourite ‘streetstyle’ on the blog.

3) Accessorize

Destination: a promotion page for ‘weekender’ bags on the Accessorize online store

How they do it: making the promotion stand out with a beautiful photo and getting us into the 'weekend spirit', as well as creating a sense of urgency by saying ‘for a limited time only.’



Destination: the download page for Boohoo’s ‘Stylefix’ app

How they do it: tempting us with a free version of the latest online edition of Boohoo’s Stylefix publication, using an image card to give us teasers of the content on offer.



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5) Marks & Spencer

Destination: the product page for M&S’s lovely ‘Aztec Print Backpack’

How they do it: using Twitter’s ‘gallery cards’ option to showcase the backpack from every angle, then prompting visitors to check it out.

6) Black Milk

Destination: a teaser photo of a new legging design on the brand’s Facebook page

How they do it: making us feel special by giving us a sneak peek of an exclusive new product.


7) Forever 21

Destination: Forever 21’s menswear page

How they do it: creating an eye-catching tweet using Twitter’s ‘gallery cards’ and cute emojis that plays on our desire to catch the latest fashion.



Destination: the download page for ASOS’s magazine app

How they do it: offering us a free antidote to commuting boredom


9) Amazon UK

Destination: the product page for a seriously adorable dog toy

How they do it: tempting us in with a comical photo, then prompting us to either check it out on the Amazon website, or alternatively reply to the tweet with #AmazonBasket to add it straight to basket.


The anatomy of a winning customer acquisition tweet

If you're looking to use Twitter to get more customers onto your website and (hopefully) buying your products, make sure your tweets include the following (remembering that variety is the spice of life, so don't try and sell every time you tweet):

  • Compelling copy that really sells the benefit that your follower will get from clicking on the link
  • An image card that will capture the attention of a casual browser and help make your proposition more attractive.
  • A call to action that tells users exactly what you want them to do - i.e. 'download now', 'check it out' or ' have a sneak peek'
  • If applicable, the creation of a sense of urgency ('for a limited time only') or exclusivity ('be the first to have access to...')

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