A Little-Known Formula for Maximising Sales from Your Category Pages

Posted by Hannah Stacey 14 Jul 14

shutterstock_149795945Did you know you can use a simple equation to find out which of your products should be at the top of your category pages?

At Ometria’s latest breakfast seminar, renowned ecommerce expert Dr Mike Baxter gave us a maths lesson, alongside eleven other ecommerce conversion ‘hacks’ (now yours free in a downloadable ebook called 12 Things You Can Start Tomorrow To Accelerate Your Ecommerce Business.)

In the video, Mike reveals how to use your data to find out which products you should be promoting to the top of your category page if you want to maximise sales. A transcript is available below.


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Now I guess you’ve all got a category page on your website and it’s got a whole bunch of stuff on it, but how do we try and optimise the way that it is presented?

This, I hope, is something that you can control - that you can adjust the order in which things appear on the category either by boosting them or pinning them or featuring them. But how do you make that decision?

The first thing to know is that the products that are most likely to sell you want to have greatest visibility. And the ones that are most likely to sell you can work out by calculating the product page conversion ratio for each.

For example, if we look at this product, it had 103 purchases and 894 pageviews. Therefore on a product page level, it had a conversion rate of 12 per cent. And if it’s converting at 12 per cent, don’t have it at the bottom of your category page!

So it’s a simple calculation looking at how individual products are converting and maximising revenue from the category page by boosting the ones that are likely to convert most.

You can also do slightly more subtle stuff. Once you’ve got all your best converting products at the top, you might want to put the best basket top-up products next (which are the product that are most added to basket second or third or fourth?).

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