4 Big Stories in Ecommerce Marketing You Should Have Read This Week

Posted by Hannah Stacey 24 Jun 16

shutterstock_261654842.pngIt’s been a emotional old week, with the EU referendum, the battle to reach the knockout stages of Euro 2016 and the prospect of a Brexit-based hike in wine prices to contend with, amongst other things.

With so much going on, you’d certainly be forgiven for missing some of the big stories in ecommerce marketing this week, so we’ve handily summed them up (with a bit of Brexit to boot).


The referendum and this morning’s news of the UK’s impending departure from the European Union has dominated the news agenda this week.

But what will the impact of the decision be for retailers? While nobody can say for sure, here is a selection of articles from various retail-sector commenters:

  • What Brexit could mean for the future of email privacy [source]

  • Retail industry analysts cautiously respond to Brexit vote [source]

  • How would Remain or Leave affect the ecommerce and multichannel industry? [source]

  • Live Blog: Retail reacts as UK votes to leave the EU [source - gated]

  • What impact would a UK exit from the EU have on eCommerce? [source]

Ad blocking on the rise

adblocker.pngA new report from eMarketing has revealed that the number of people using ad blockers in the US alone will rise above 86 million in 2017.

How can ecommerce marketers deal with an increasing amount of their customers and potential customers (particularly if they target a younger demographic) choosing to screen their ads? According to the report, advertisers need to pull their socks up, and create "compelling ad experiences that consumers won’t want to block.".


Twitter introduced ‘emoji targeting’

In other (slightly more light-hearted) news, Twitter has released ‘emoji targeting’ for advertisers.

According to a blog post published by the company:

“This new feature uses emoji activity as a signal of a person’s mood or mindset — unlocking unique opportunities for marketers. Now, brands can:

- Connect with people based on their expressed sentiment

- Target people who Tweet food emojis
- Reach people based on their passions”.

Exactly how retailers will go about capitalising on this new targeting option is unclear, but as the heat turns up on brands to engage with their customers and prospects on a more emotional level, we’re excited to see the results.



Google’s SEO AMA at SMX

Confusing three letter acronyms aside, Google webmaster trends analyst Gary Illyes revealed a number of pointers about where SEO is headed at the SMX conference, many of which will be important to those running online stores.

In his summary of the key points, Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz details the key takeaways when it comes to chatbots, mobile optimisation, HTTPS adoption, and the amount of data that will be available to marketers in Google’s search console.



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