The Ultimate List of the Best Ecommerce Blogs and News Sites

Posted by Hannah Stacey 8 Jul 14

shutterstock_180399713_pdf__1_page_-1There's a whole load of seriously sucky content out there on the old world wide web. And trawling through the abundance of blog posts, ebooks and resources to find stuff that is genuinely interesting, useful and insightful can seem like a bit of a thankless task. 

Trouble is, reading blogs and other industry resources is pretty vital if you want to stay ahead of the game in the fast-moving world of ecommerce. So in an effort to cut through the noise, we've come up with a super handy list of the best ecommerce blogs and news sites for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Ecommerce news & analysis

The Guardian - Ecommerce - Aggregated ecommerce-related news stories from the Guardian Online.

Internet Retailer - Internet Retailer is updated daily with news and analysis of the top ecommerce stories of the day, and with a quarter of a million monthly visitors it’s one of the most popular ecommerce news sources out there.

Internet Retailing - Internet Retailing is another ecommerce news veteran, providing ‘analysis, insight and stimulus for Europe’s multichannel retailers’.

Ecommerce News EU - News stories and interesting stats on ecommerce with an EU focus.

E-commerce Times - E-commerce Times covers a range of largely US-based news topics from big product launches to ecommerce marketing announcements to in-depth news analysis.


Ecommerce marketing and SEO

Marketing Profs - A vast collection of regularly-updated articles on various aspects of ecommerce marketing.

How to Win at Ecommerce - The best place for actionable advice on becoming an ecommerce champion (in our humble opinion, anyway!).

GetElastic - Ecommerce tips, tricks, news and commentary updated 3 times a week.

Shopify - A must-read for anyone starting out in online retailing.

Hubspot Inbound Blog - A blog on all things inbound ecommerce by the inbound pros over at Hubspot.

The Econsultancy Blog - A great selection of content - much of it ecommerce-related - from the digital marketing experts at Econsultancy.

The Buffer Blog - Great, super-actionable posts on various topics surrounding social media.

ConversionXL - ‘Extra lucrative conversion advice’ - we love ConversionXL’s detailed posts on improving conversion rates.

Moz - Gems of wisdom from the undisputed SEO overlords (SEOverlords?).


Website usability & UX

Baymard Institute - Fantastic write-ups of usability studies conducted by Baymard.

Smashing Magazine - The go-to destination for web designers, Smashing Magazine has a great selection of articles relevant to those in the ecommerce space.

The UX booth - A wealth of articles on user-centric design.


Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments section below!


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