30 Ecommerce Blog Posts You Definitely Should Have Read in 2014

Posted by Hannah Stacey 22 Dec 14

Christmas isn’t just a time for scoffing mince pies and lamenting the hours of your life you’ve lost to watching Love Actually (but re-watching it anyway, just because it’s on).  No, Christmas is also an opportunity to pause, to look forward to all the exciting things to come, and to reflect on the year gone by.

So, in the spirit of reflection, we decided to take a look back over the past twelve months in ecommerce and pick out some blog post gems for you - both from our How to Win at Ecommerce blog and from around the rest of the web.


Data & metrics

How to Calculate Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC) in Ecommerce (from How to Win at Ecommerce)

How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) in Ecommerce (from How to Win at Ecommerce)

A Content Marketer's Guide to Data Scraping (from the Moz blog)

A/B Testing: Statistical Significance Does Not Equal Validity (or Why You Get Imaginary Lifts) (from ConversionXL)

J.Crew’s Data-Driven Approach To Fashion (And Marketing) (from the Competitive Intelligence blog)




The Anatomy of a Winning Cart Abandonment Email (+ 9 Exceptional Examples) (from How to Win at Ecommerce)

The 2:1:1 Rule: How to Use Smart Content to Create More Engaging Ecommerce Emails (from How to Win at Ecommerce)

Going beyond opens and clicks to evaluate and improve subscriber engagement with your email programmes (from Smart Insights)

How fashion ecommerce brands use email marketing (from the Econsultancy blog)

How to Increase eCommerce Conversions by Using Customer Data in Emails (from the KISSmetrics blog)



User experience

Ecommerce Web Form Design Best Practices: 12 Tricks for Making Your Forms Less Tiresome (from How to Win at Ecommerce)

10 Cool Ideas for Making your Category Pages Less Boring (from How to Win at Ecommerce)

Put Neuromarketing to Work on Your Website (from Help Scout)

The Current State Of E-Commerce Search (from Smashing Magazine, by the Baymard Institute)

Deconstructing E-Commerce Search: The 12 Query Types (from the Baymard blog)



Social media

4 Ingenious Instagram Strategies from Fashion Retailers (from How to Win at Ecommerce)

6 Top Brands on Polyvore (And How You Can Win At It Too) (from How to Win at Ecommerce)

The 15 Best Browser Extensions to Improve Your Social Media Marketing (from the Buffer blog)

26 Social Listening Tools to Infuse Your eCommerce Marketing with Awesome Intelligence (from the KISSmetrics blog)

4 Strategies to Drive More E-Commerce Sales With Your Facebook Ads (from the Unbounce blog)



Content marketing & branding

The Online Fashion Lookbook: 10 Seriously Slick Examples You’ll Want to Copy (from How to Win at Ecommerce)

16 Brands that are Totally Winning at Shoppable Content (from How to Win at Ecommerce)

Ecommerce in 2014: which brands are getting it right? (from the Econsultancy blog)




Ecommerce Trends 2015: 19 Predictions from Top Ecommerce Experts (from How to Win at Ecommerce)

Online Marketing Strategy: Are You Creeping Out Your Customers? (from How to Win at Ecommerce)

21 Tactics To Acquire Customers (from the ReferralCandy blog)

How Does Web Page Speed Affect Conversions? (from Web Performance Today)



Useful lists

Ecommerce Events, Tradeshows and Conferences 2014/15: The Ultimate List (from How to Win at Ecommerce)

The Ultimate List of the Best Ecommerce Blogs and News Sites (from How to Win at Ecommerce)

Creating Customers for Life: 50 Resources on Loyalty, Churn, and Customer Retention (from the Help Scout blog)


Useful ecommerce marketing advice

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