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The DNA of your emails: making html changes when you don’t code

Posted by Wassif 4 Oct 19


We know that as a marketer your job involves wearing many hats, some hats that you didn’t expect to bryan-garces-zwo-0E7l1ZI-unsplashhave on. These skills gaps can sometimes impact your want to create campaigns that match the expectations of your brand, and sometimes can cause a lag in getting campaigns out the door. Ever wondered about that code that makes your emails beautiful but are too afraid to look into the backend? This blog post will break down the simple tweaks you can make without the need of an engineering or design team.

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What does a ‘good’ email actually look like? 3 tips when you don’t have an in-house design team

Posted by Wassif 4 Jul 19


Wassif is the in-house HTML developer working to create memorable customer emails. In this guest post he discusses how to make the most out of your emails when you don't have an in-house HTML design team and the three principles he practices to keep email design quick but impactful. 


An important aspect of providing truly tailored experiences for your customers is creating email templates. eugene-lim-LG3mnOs359g-unsplash copyThis aspect of campaign building is often dreaded as it’s time-consuming and poses a challenge when you have various regions and customer groups. For marketers with no in-house design team or siloed from that department, this additional step in creating campaigns can make the process of personalisation appear overwhelming. Being time-poor with targets to reach, making multiple versions of the same email isn’t at the top of most’s to do list. But with the right knowledge you can create easy-to-do but effective emails. This means you can can add to the customer experience without chasing down a team or making design common mistakes.

In this blog post, we take a look at the three most common design mistakes and share what you should be doing instead. Although templates may take time, with the ability to know how impactful the below changes are you can limit the time it takes to create them before taking things further and advancing the email itself. This will arm you with the foundation to a ‘good’ email.

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