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4 Common UTM Tagging Mistakes Made by Online Retailers (and How to Fix Them)

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 7 Aug 15

shutterstock_295939298This post follows on from our ‘Definitive Guide to UTM Tagging in Ecommerce’ guide and infographic, which you can find here.

UTM tagged links are there to make it easier for you to analyse marketing performance and channels, to ultimately gain a better understanding of your visitor and customer buying behaviour.

But what if you’re already tracking your campaigns and still find it hard to draw conclusions from the results? What if the data you’re collecting does not make sense, or match up to what you were expecting? What if you can’t find a specific campaign? Or what if you’re tagging your links incorrectly, but are not aware of it?

We have listed some common mistakes we often find in UTM tagging by retailers, and how you can make sure to avoid and correct them:

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9 Examples of Inspired Ecommerce Popup Design

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 29 Jul 15

shutterstock_241253065A few months back we wrote a blog post on how to build an effective email popup to help you increase your email database. Since it proved popular, we thought we’d revisit this topic and give you some examples of great inspiring popups that we’ve seen around more recently.

Before we go through the examples, I’d like to quickly go over why popups (used well) are so effective as tool to combat browse abandonment and increase your marketable database, and why you should consider implementing them.

We all know how important it is for an ecommerce brand to create the best possible experience in their online store, and that this experience heavily depends on design, layout and relevance. The better the customer experience is, the more likely your visitors are to convert, to connect with your products, to identify themselves with you brand.

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The Definitive Guide to UTM Tagging in Ecommerce

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 14 Jul 15

shutterstock_159925478As an ecommerce marketer, your job is likely to include planning and executing regular newsletters, promotional campaigns, new product releases, brand advertising, and so on.

Chances are you’ll also be working with a limited budget, which you’ll have to manage wisely, allocating funds to different channels to get the best possible return on investment. And you’ll have to be able to monitor and assess each of these campaigns and channels in terms of revenue, engagement, and ultimately conversions.

You may also wish to test out new channels - maybe a shopping app, a video channel or a temporary partnership with another seller - and then measure their performance. How many new leads and customers were acquired? How many lost customers were reactivated? How much revenue did these channels generate against what I have spent?

The success of your digital marketing activities is heavily dependent on the ability to correctly analyse your online data.  And to accurately analyse every marketing campaign you launch and every channel you’re using, you must ensure that you are in fact tracking all your visitors and customers, and that you are attributing them to the right source.

So how do you tag your campaigns? Where should you start? We’ve put together a handy infographic, accompanied by an in-depth guide below it to get you going. It will cover:

  • Why it is important to track your campaigns
  • How to tag your campaigns using UTM tags
  • Best practice in UTM tagging
  • Important information you should be aware of

(click the infographic to expand)

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6 Super Effective Tactics for Growing Your Email List

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 30 Jan 15

shutterstock_243011872It is now widely acknowledged (and proven) that email is one of the best channels for ecommerce marketers to grow and engage with their customer base.

According to American Express, the reason email works so well as a B2C communication tool is that consumers are firmly in control of it: they decide whether they want to read it, delete it or unsubscribe for good. And it is this power that (somewhat unconsciously) encourages visitors to sign up to ecommerce newsletters if they specifically like your products, and they want to take advantage of an incentive you’re offering.

Having said that, growing your email list with interested subscribers that purchase regularly and are brand advocates is the ultimate goal, and is also a big challenge for marketers.

We have gathered 6 good ways to help you increase your mailing list:

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8 Tips for Using Popups to Grow Your Mailing List (Without Annoying Your Visitors)

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 16 Dec 14

shutterstock_119508370It’s easy to get frustrated at those in-your-face lightboxes that immediately pop up when you enter a website, asking for personal information before you’ve even seen what the site has to offer.

From a consumer point-of-view, these popups (a.k.a popovers or lightboxes) are annoyingly delaying the main goal of the visit - checking the site’s products out. Because of that, many retailers often avoid using email signup popups in their webstores, afraid of high bounce rates.

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