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Marvellous Examples of Mother's Day Marketing from 12 Retailers

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 23 Feb 18

mother's day marketing from retailers Ever forgotten to send a card for Mother’s Day?

Experienced that sense of dread when you realise it’s Saturday and you’ve missed the deadline for getting your flower order in?

Felt like a disappointing child when you’ve had to send a Mother’s Day text message, instead of a gift?

It’s okay, we’ve all been there—including your customers. 

... Which is where brilliant retail marketing steps in. 

For this post, we've brought together a range of different (old and new) retail marketing campaigns, all designed to help online shoppers find exactly what they want in time for Mother's Day. 

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A Smart Marketer's Guide to Re-Engaging Inactive Customers

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 7 Dec 17

Rita's expert advice on re-engaging inactive customersFor this post, Ometria’s email marketing consultant, Rita, offers advice on how ecommerce marketers today can go about (a) identifying inactive customers, and (b) re-engaging them. 

In an ideal world, everyone in your database is an engaged contact, a frequent visitor and a frequent buyer. But as time goes by, any list of contacts will become partly disengaged (and potentially inactive). 

When this happens, you’ll hopefully be acquiring new contacts who can make up for those no longer engaged—but this isn’t always the case, and gradually most retail businesses will see their email revenues go down despite a growth in their database. 

Which is why you should focus on re-engaging those who are inactive. Here are a few other reasons why:

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5 Online Retailers Giving Their Staff a Starring Role in Their Marketing

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 7 Oct 15

In the old offline-only days, the buying process was standard: you would go to your favourite shoe shop and you would deal with a particular employee that already knew your tastes and could help you with tailored suggestions.

In ecommerce this is very difficult to replicate - there is no shop assistant or personal touch in it (however good your online customer service team may be!), and you don’t “see” anyone, it’s a self-service shopping experience.

As customers, we can often speak to a customer service agent about an order we made, and we may love a specific campaign - but we never put a human face to those behind the brand.  Do they actually like the brand’s products? Do they wear them? Would they recommend it? How would they use them?

This blog post is about a recent trend we’ve observed in some online retailers’ content strategies: to feature their staff in marketing campaigns using email marketing, social media, and even dedicated sections of their websites.

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Spam Filters, Subscriber Engagement and Inbox Deliverability: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 3 Sep 15

Email deliverability, spam filters, subscriber engagement and inbox delivery rate.

All terms we often read and hear about that are part of your emails reaching the intended recipients - but how exactly do these work, and how do they influence each other? What part of the email journey can you control, and what is out of your reach?

In this blog post we will explore these concepts that determine whether your emails are sent and received by your subscribers, by explaining:

  1. What spam filters are and what triggers them
  2. How subscriber engagement influences email deliverability
  3. What inbox deliverability rate is and why it matters

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4 Common UTM Tagging Mistakes Made by Online Retailers (and How to Fix Them)

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 7 Aug 15

shutterstock_295939298This post follows on from our ‘Definitive Guide to UTM Tagging in Ecommerce’ guide and infographic, which you can find here.

UTM tagged links are there to make it easier for you to analyse marketing performance and channels, to ultimately gain a better understanding of your visitor and customer buying behaviour.

But what if you’re already tracking your campaigns and still find it hard to draw conclusions from the results? What if the data you’re collecting does not make sense, or match up to what you were expecting? What if you can’t find a specific campaign? Or what if you’re tagging your links incorrectly, but are not aware of it?

We have listed some common mistakes we often find in UTM tagging by retailers, and how you can make sure to avoid and correct them:

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