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3 steps to re-engaging 'inactive' and 'lapsed' customers

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 23 Jul 19

Rita's expert advice on re-engaging inactive customersFor this post, Ometria’s email marketing consultant, Rita, offers advice on how ecommerce marketers today can go about (a) identifying inactive customers, and (b) re-engaging them. 

In an ideal world, all of your contacts would be engaged and consistently purchasing from you – but this isn’t the case; it does however present opportunities for retail marketers to both advance and diversify their methods for encouraging customers to spend with them. 

How do you keep customers engaged and what should you do once they become ‘inactive’? Again, in this ideal world, there would be more new customers to make up for those who lapse or become inactive. But this isn’t always the case, and gradually most retail businesses will see their email revenues go down despite a growth in their database. 

This is why we’re going to breakdown why you should focus on re-engaging those who are ‘inactive’ and how to make the most of your existing database of customers. 

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3 Campaigns for a Memorable Mother's Day

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 12 Mar 19

mother's day marketing from retailers

Mother's day campaigns are going to be sent by every brand, and well, their mum. So how do you make sure yours stands out?

Ensuring you have insight on your customers means not only will you be able to increase your open-rate and encourage them to spend on their mums but you'll further endear them to your brand overall. 

It's a challenge as everyone wants to show some appreciation to the matriarch in their lives - and you want to share campaigns that will do them all justice. Not an easy feat, but not impossible with these few tips. 

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The Power of Personalisation: An Email Marketing Expert’s Perspective

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 18 Apr 18

the power of personalisation in ecommerce marketing As Ometria’s email marketing consultant, I work with a wide range of ecommerce businesses—from multi-country retailers to independent boutiques, fashion labels to furniture giants.

What do they all have in common? The desire to give customers marketing experiences they’ll love.

In an age of ‘digital bombardment’, understanding who your customer is, the marketing channels they use, the content they want to receive and the best time to deliver this content is essential to achieving this universal goal.

No matter what you sell, personalised marketing is a must in today’s ecommerce reality—with the amount of contact information available, relevance is now key to achieving the highest engagement and ROI for every marketing activity you put in place.

Below, I’ve taken a look at how today’s marketers are harnessing both well-known techniques such as segmentation and more advanced practices like dynamic content to provide customers with the best experience possible.

(N.b. To remind yourself of the difference between segmentation and dynamic content, check out this blog post.)

Ready? Let’s begin.

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5 Online Retailers Giving Their Staff a Starring Role in Their Marketing

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 7 Oct 15

In the old offline-only days, the buying process was standard: you would go to your favourite shoe shop and you would deal with a particular employee that already knew your tastes and could help you with tailored suggestions.

In ecommerce this is very difficult to replicate - there is no shop assistant or personal touch in it (however good your online customer service team may be!), and you don’t “see” anyone, it’s a self-service shopping experience.

As customers, we can often speak to a customer service agent about an order we made, and we may love a specific campaign - but we never put a human face to those behind the brand.  Do they actually like the brand’s products? Do they wear them? Would they recommend it? How would they use them?

This blog post is about a recent trend we’ve observed in some online retailers’ content strategies: to feature their staff in marketing campaigns using email marketing, social media, and even dedicated sections of their websites.

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Spam Filters, Subscriber Engagement and Inbox Deliverability: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Rita Braga Martins 3 Sep 15

Email deliverability, spam filters, subscriber engagement and inbox delivery rate.

All terms we often read and hear about that are part of your emails reaching the intended recipients - but how exactly do these work, and how do they influence each other? What part of the email journey can you control, and what is out of your reach?

In this blog post we will explore these concepts that determine whether your emails are sent and received by your subscribers, by explaining:

  1. What spam filters are and what triggers them
  2. How subscriber engagement influences email deliverability
  3. What inbox deliverability rate is and why it matters

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