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How to Turn Bad Feedback into Good

Posted by Martina Mercer 11 Apr 14

When ecommerce began, customer care was way down the list of priorities. Many retailers assumed their current offline systems would be able to handle any extra workload. This assumption is of course natural, as ecommerce was championed for removing the face to face contact giving people an anonymous way to buy instantly online, so why would they need customer care?


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How to Minimise Browse and Basket Abandonment

Posted by Martina Mercer 25 Mar 14



By now you know the statistics behind cart abandonment, (76% of shoppers abandon baskets, the worst day for basket abandonment is Thursday between 1 and 2pm etc.) these are figures that many eSellers try desperately to change using all manner of strategies to bring the shopper back.

In some cases, browsers simply abandon their carts because they had no intention to buy at all, the internet has taken window shopping a step further by allowing customers to throw virtual items into a virtual basket. It’s a hobby that over 44% of shoppers partake in but this doesn’t mean they can’t be persuaded to buy.

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Customer Retention: The Last Mile

Posted by Martina Mercer 14 Mar 14

Retaining customers costs five times less than generating new ones and can even deliver higher returns. A loyal customer can be tempted to increase their average basket value while a new customer requires a lot more work.

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Ecommerce Decisions: Optimising for Profit vs Revenue

Posted by Martina Mercer 24 Feb 14

shutterstock_208321432Marketing has evolved dramatically over the last decade, the fast paced nature has delighted many brands while leaving others a little confused. Now, on the internet, it seems that everyone’s a marketing expert as long as they’re equipped with a Google Analytics dashboard and access to a PPC account. 

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How to Manage Real-Time Social Media

Posted by Martina Mercer 18 Feb 14

Social media is obviously an integral part of any marketing campaign. Whether you invest money in promotions or rely on organic growth, it’s an invaluable way to connect to your target audience.


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