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Why It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Your ESP

Posted by Ivan Mazour 25 Jan 18

the future of retail.pngIn order to really thrive in 2018 and beyond, brands need to be providing a customer experience that is personal, relevant and timely.

Most retail marketers already know this, so why are so few actually delivering on it?

Because the technology that controls their working life is the email service provider (ESP).

Let us explain.

Email has been, and continues to be, the main channel that drives engagement with existing customers, so it’s no surprise that the platform of choice for the retail CRM marketer is an ESP.

However, the problem is that the majority of ESPs out there were built decades ago, for the purpose of sending the same email to a million people—over and over again.

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5 Lessons I Learned from the Best Ecommerce Founders

Posted by Ivan Mazour 7 Jan 15

shutterstock_225040663One of the most stimulating aspects of being the founder of Ometria is that I get to spend a lot of time with some of the greatest ecommerce founders in the UK and beyond - people who have started - and scaled - some of the largest and most successful ecommerce businesses. While the verticals in which they operate, and the business models they pursue, are almost always different, there are also many fascinating similarities.

As an individual, and at Ometria, we consider the desire to learn to be one of the most vital character traits and so over the past few years, as I’ve got to know these founders, I’ve done my best to learn from them and to truly understand what has allowed them to build the great businesses they’ve been able to build.

I want to share the five most important lessons below.

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Data-Driven Ecommerce is the Future: Meet the Rising Stars that are Already There

Posted by Ivan Mazour 17 Jun 14

A few days ago, one of my favourite companies, a company that few people have heard of, announced yet another huge funding round. The company is called Stitch Fix, it is an ecommerce business, and it was founded just three years ago. Their current annualised run rate is $150m.

What makes it such as an amazing company, is that Stitch Fix was founded based on a simple vision - that data-driven ecommerce will prevail above all others. This is a vision that we at Ometria share, and it has been incredible to watch Stitch Fix scale so impressively quickly. The premise of what they do is simple - they collect a number of data points about each customer, they use algorithms to work out what those people are most likely to want, they send them five items, and they hope that none get returned for a refund. Based on their growth and investment, it appears the model has been proven. Those items aren't being returned.

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The Levers of Ecommerce Growth

Posted by Ivan Mazour 31 Mar 14

shutterstock_110765462As the ecommerce industry starts to mature, new frameworks of understanding it are developed and debated. With Rocket Internet able to repeatedly build ecommerce businesses with 100%+ year on year growth, it's clear that there are strategies out there which can drive fast, and profitable growth. The levers of ecommerce growth, as it were.
We founded Ometria with a singular purpose - to give all retailers access to those levers, through one simple but powerful technology. It all starts with the customer. The customer is who pays, and so is the absolute foundation on which the business must be built. Customers can be acquired and customers can be retained, but before you can retain them, you need to acquire them, so it makes sense to start there.
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Customer Centric Commerce

Posted by Ivan Mazour 3 Feb 14

Customer expectations and behaviours have shifted dramatically over the past decade. There was a time when just having items available and in stock was a luxury. Today, that is simply not the case. As consumers, our options are astounding. If we are to use anything other than Amazon, there has to be a very specific reason for it. Retailers who are up and coming need to be creating such dramatically enjoyable customer experiences, that shopping on their website or in their store becomes a regular habit in our lives - a habit that we truly want.

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