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Combating Consumer Apathy: How to Create Content which Resonates

Posted by Guest Writer 21 Aug 14

Creating brilliant content is becoming evermore important for online retailers wanting to connect with customers and potential customers online. In this guest post, Hannah Smith from Distilled discusses how fashion retailers should go about it.

“In Europe and the US, consumers would not care if 92% of brands disappeared.”

~ source


If your brand ceased to exist tomorrow, it’s likely that no one would care.

That’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

Consumers’ expectations are evolving and they are far more savvy today than they once were. If they actively dislike your brand, or what your brand stands for, then they easily able to find alternatives.

In an attempt to combat consumer apathy and engender brand advocacy, many companies are rethinking the way they approach customers both on and offline. There are of course a huge variety of tactics being used, but today I’ll be looking specifically at how fashion brands are leveraging online content to engage with their audiences and drive traffic and sales.

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Ecommerce Replatforming: 4 Crucial Considerations When Changing Platform

Posted by Guest Writer 13 Aug 14

In this guest post, we're delighted to welcome ecommerce and digital marketing consultant James Gurd. In his 12 years in ecommerce, James has worked with leading UK brands such as Sweaty Betty and House of Fraser, co-hosts #ecomchat, which is a weekly Twitter chat for ecommerce knowledge sharing, and regularly contributes to Econsultancy. 

devWhen I started to write this blog, I realised that to boil down all the key decision criteria that must be reviewed when planning an ecommerce replatforming into one post would provide no detail and a long, not very useful list. Instead, I’ve focused on a few of the areas that, in my experience, often get overlooked in the heat of battle and given my perspective on what needs to be considered. I hope it’s useful reading.


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Don’t Be One of The 85% of Firms Failing at Social Engagement

Posted by Guest Writer 31 Jul 14

A guest post by Natalie Meehan of Brandwatch. Natalie has worked in marketing for almost a decade, and forms part of Brandwatch's marketing insights team. She keeps a big, well-stocked tin of sweets on her desk at all times.

twitter-5This morning I woke up, removed my headphones from my ears after I’d fallen asleep listening to an audiobook and went for a shower. When I’d dried off, I used my phone to listen to the radio and checked my emails, saw a tweet from a friend who was having a moan that her order from an online retailer hadn’t yet arrived and quickly shot back a response.

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Ecommerce in Poland: The Landscape and Figures

Posted by Guest Writer 10 Jan 14

Poland is by strict measurements one of the fastest developing ecommerce markets in Europe. Contrary to more stable ecommerce markets in Germany or Britain, Polish ecommerce is ranked among the youngest, that is to say, it is in its development phase of intense transformation and optimization. 



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Why Your Ecommerce Customers Are Leaving Your E-Store

Posted by Guest Writer 3 Jan 14

There are lots of ecommerce stores that are still failing to provide their customers with what they're looking for, and to get the basics right, so here's a round up of the most likely reasons why.


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