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Deliverability on Black Friday: 3 things you need to know

Posted by Beth 11 Sep 19


In our latest download, ‘The Black Friday Survival Guide’ we go into depth about the importance of header pic-01 copypreparation for the Cyber weekend, and how it makes all the difference. When it comes to deliverability, having all your inbox ducks in a row is equally key to success during one of the busiest retail periods of the year.

We’re all familiar with one of the mammoth struggles - creating all your multiple campaigns, but the next hurdle is making sure they’re actually received (because your competitors will also be flooding their inboxes during Black Friday). So, how do you ensure the campaigns you’ve worked so hard on actually meet the gaze of your customers?

Here at Ometria, we see deliverability as an integral part of the overall campaign execution. This blogpost is going to give you a concise breakdown of the essentials you need to have in play ahead of the retail mayhem.

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Think you have poor deliverability? 7 reasons not to panic

Posted by Beth 11 Apr 19

This blog post has been written by Beth Woods, a member of the Ometria Deliverability team. In this post she'll discuss what to be on the lookout for to ensure your inbox health is at its highest. 

Let’s paint a picture of your day. It’s another day, you get into the office with minimal mishap and you’re planning next month’s campaigns. You check your inbox and freeze. An email has landedpankaj-patel-543572-unsplash telling you that your inbox placement rates are low. 30% of your messages, they say, are going straight into the spam folder and some might not even be being received at all.

Morning ruined, panic ensues.

A common sales tactic of providers in the email space is to note a supposed issue with your current set-up and to let you know that they can solve all your email-related problems. But to solve them, they need to detail to you what’s wrong. This time it’s your deliverability. They’re looking to devalue your current sending status and your successes with your current deliverability team as a way to make you unsure of your current strategy and of course, that’s a pretty handy sales tactic.


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