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Personalisation at scale: how to start

Posted by Alegría 21 May 19


Every marketer, regardless of industry, knows they need to be personalising their campaigns. With an martin-reisch-272883-unsplashaverage of 7 screens per home, there is a consistent stream of engagement, most of which is already tailored to the tastes of the consumer - what they watch, what music is suggested to them and where to stay on holiday. Their expectation is that all their email messages will be crafted with them in mind.

So where do you start? What do you focus on? Personalisation is hard, and looks like it’ll continue to become tougher.

For retail marketers, especially, the challenges seem to pile up alongside customer expectations.

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Gotcha! 4 of our favourite April Fools' 2019 campaigns

Posted by Alegría 2 Apr 19

Every April 1st we know it’s coming; the tricks, gags and one-liners but we still find ourselves falling neonbrand-551953-unsplashhook, line and sinker. This year is no different with brands stepping up the subtlety as they try and hoodwink the more hyper-aware consumer. With customers more spoilt for choice than ever, injecting a little personality and humour into campaigns - especially on this day - is a great way to draw them to you and for you to further cement your brand identity as one they enjoy not only shopping but interacting with.

This blogpost showcases four of our favourite campaigns from the day and highlights how you can still encourage purchases even when the product that drew them in may not exist.

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How Instagram’s ‘checkout’ impacts retail marketers

Posted by Alegría 21 Mar 19

Picture-sharing social giant Instagram, has taken itself a step further towards being a viable luke-van-zyl-571729-unsplash copycommerce platform by now adding in-app checkout to the customer journey.

Starting with a few select brands such as Adidas, Burberry and Colorpop Cosmetics, and integrating with ecommerce technology like Shopify and BigCommerce, those browsing in the app will be able to make a purchase from a picture, checking out without being redirected the site of the seller.

This is a massive feat for the seamless customer journey and, with the route to purchase shortened, a high conversion for brands is sure to follow.

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8 Examples of Birthday Emails Worth Celebrating

Posted by Alegría 15 Feb 19

Best practice for ecommerce bithday emails_Birthday dog image For most of us, birthdays are an exciting time. Another year of life experienced and a fantastic opportunity to celebrate with close friends and family. So, why aren't retailers using their customers' day of celebration in campaigns more? 

Retailers getting in touch with shoppers on their birthdays is nothing new, but still not as readily exercised as it should be. Everyone wants to feel special on their big day, so making sure your birthday email are as personalised as possible can be a big win - generic birthday greetings won’t cut it for long; by using customer behavioural data you can really advance the campaigns you're sending to customer - it's essential to maximise what you know about them to create experiences that they'll truly love. 

With Ometria recently celebrating its 6th birthday, we looked back at birthday emails we've received over the past year to come up with a list of good examples (and we've made some advanced suggestions about how they could be improved, too).

For more in-depth tips on advancing your automated campaigns, read our guide which breaks down the 8 campaigns you should be sending and how to perfect them. 

Tips on how to create an advanced birthday campaign:

  • Segment your campaign or use dynamic content to change up the incentives you send, based on lifecycle stage (e.g. sending your VIPs an extra special gift, or increasing the incentive for those who are yet to purchase for the first time), gender, or other demographic factors.
  • Make sure that the data you have is accurate (double-check it's actually their birthday, did they share this information with you when subscribing to your emails? If not, you can instead celebrate the day they subscribed to your marketing as an anniversary) 
  • Include dynamic recommendations in the email based on the recipient's taste profile 

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How to Send Great Win-Back Email Campaigns

Posted by Alegría 8 Feb 19

All marketers have heard it before: acquiring a new customer is usually more costly than getting an already-rick-roll-astley-never-gonna-give-you-upacquired customer to repurchase. 

But given that we all know how valuable repeat customers are, it’s surprising how little effort many online retailers put into re-activating customers that are at risk of lapsing, especially those who have been great customers in the past. In the world of customer relationships, retailers' approach should be more Rick Astley and less Ariana Grande.

With 61% of consumers frustrated that their loyalty is not recognised - the loss of existing customers is something that remains an issue for retail marketers. 

Losing a few customers here and there is part and parcel of running an online store, but by using advanced strategies to win back lapsed customers, online retailers are missing out both an opportunity to re-align consumers to their brand and increase revenue.  

This blog post aims to provide an overview of how you can use advanced tactics in your emails to win back lost customers and provide them with tailored content that reminds them your recognise their importance as a shopper with your brand. 

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