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Four Examples of Next-Level Personalised Marketing from Wonderbly

Posted by Alegría Adedeji 15 Aug 18

WonderblyStarted in 2012 by four friends, Wonderbly is an award-winning global online retailer, reinventing the way the publishing world operates with its personalised children’s books and gifts. With books available in 12 languages and delivered globally, this retailer has become a firm favourite with its audience.

Much like the readers of its books, Wonderbly is whimsical, exciting and adventurous. Personalisation is the backbone of the company’s stories; so they needed to ensure this was reflected in their marketing experiences, for both the shoppers and children who would be receiving the books.

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8 Automated Campaigns Every Retailer Should be Sending Throughout the Customer Journey

Posted by Alegría Adedeji 28 Jun 18

You walk into the wedding party of a close friend; you know that you’re going to have to speak with people, so you get ready. 

Some of the guests are close friends, some you’ve met once or twice before and a few you have never met. Imagine if you were to walk up to one of your oldest and dearest friends and formally introduce yourself as though they were a stranger. Or go to a guest you have met for the very first time and, without any introduction, proceed to launch into the gory details of a particularly unpleasant bout of food poisoning you’d just experienced - chances are they’ll be avoiding you for the rest of the nuptials.

The way you greet each of the guests will differ, because the relationship differs - it’s all about context.

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