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Three big takeaways from the Consumer Census 2019

Posted by Alegría 8 Nov 19

As a retail marketer you want to provide your customers with “great” experiences. This much is obvious,but lies behind amazing customer experiences?  We spoke to 4,000 consumers about their expectations, likes and dislikes in our latest piece of research, which you can download from the Ometria Academy. Here are the top 3 takeaways.

CC19 front cover (1)

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What we learned from keynote speakers at Lifecycle19

Posted by Alegría 1 Nov 19


The doors of Printworks have closed to Lifecycle this year, but the new information and salient talking points from the keynote speakers are sure to still be buzzing in everyone’s ears. Whether discovering how to empower your team to drive brand identity or the actual impact of your irrelevant messages on your customers - this year, each keynote drove home new food for thought. Below, we’ve picked 5 from the first day of the conference and their top takeaways.

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How Emma Bridgewater saves its most loyal customers from slipping away

Posted by Alegría 8 Aug 19

Pottery brand Emma Bridgewater, with its various collections and customisable items, has established EB BLOG IMAGE itself as a firm favourite amongst customers who want personalised and beautiful crockery to adorn their homes or gift to friends. 

Based at the same location, Stoke, since its conception in 1985, Emma Bridgewater adds a special touch as a gift or purchase for its shoppers. With more customers on-the-go and its expansion into water bottles and seasonal gifts, the pottery brand is a long-lasting purchase in an age of multiple choice. 

Customers want to know that their decision to remain shopping with you, when they have a myriad of choices, is being recognised and appreciated. Emma Bridgewater recognised that it needed to make its most loyal shoppers, dubbed by the brand as “collectors”, feel valued and important to save them from lapsing. But limited by an ill-fitting ESP and inability to deep-dive and gain insight to recognise its high value shoppers, Emma Bridgewater called upon Ometria.

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3 Key Retention Marketing Lessons from Papier, eve Sleep and

Posted by Alegría 11 Jul 19


#Lifecycle18 has come and gone but with #Lifecycle19 on the way, a fresh reminder of the pointers shared by the keynote speakers and panellists work as a reminder of the lessons we can look forward to in the upcoming conference.

All three disruptive brands have Lifecycle_18Sep_037_s copyhighlighted important practices retail marketers need to have in place to make sure they are creating the best possible experiences for their customers. As the market continues to become more competitive and the standard of customer engagement soars, it is integral that brands have a clear strategy and idea of where they plan to take the marketing messages they send out to expectant customers. As Millennials and Gen Z continue to dominate with spending, now more than ever, it is important to know what customers want, and there is no better way to learn than from disruptive brands that are firm favourites.

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Four major ecommerce takeaways from Mary Meeker’s trend report

Posted by Alegría 21 Jun 19

Mary Meeker, the much-lauded and respected tech VC (having back companies like Airbnb, Houzz andelena-koycheva-774495-unsplash Slack) has released her annual trend report.

Now the must-read across the industry, this annual deep-dive distills the year thus far and her predictions for where the space is headed.

At 333 pages long, the report certainly provides a hefty portion of food-for-thought - so we picked out the key takeaways for ecommerce marketers in a more digestible format.


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