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Personalisation in Practice: How Manière de Voir used behavioural data to pre-empt customer needs

Posted by Alegría 8 Nov 18

Founded in 2014 with the aim of creating luxury clothing and unisex accessories, Manière De Voir now MdV wants to make high end clothing more accessible both via price point and its online stores.

Guided by the three core brand principles ‘great design, premium quality, customer value’ the clothes retailer showcases its distinct style and the comfort of their items by maximising the use of multiple channels. Via social media especially, customers are encouraged to show off their wares and the brand continues to cultivate a strong following, regardless of gender.

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3 Key Retention Marketing Lessons from Papier, eve Sleep and

Posted by Alegría 1 Nov 18


#Lifecycle18 has come and gone but the pointers shared by the keynote speakers and panellists have Lifecycle_18Sep_037_s copyhighlighted important practices retail marketers need to have in place to make sure they are creating the best possible experiences for their customers. As the market continues to become more competitive and the standard of customer engagement soars, it is integral that brands have a clear strategy and idea of where they plan to take the marketing messages they send out to expectant customers. As Millennials and Gen Z continue to dominate with spending, now more than ever, it is important to know what customers want, and there is no better way to learn than from disruptive brands that are firm favourites.

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Have a winning Cyber Weekend: Lessons learned from Black Friday 2017

Posted by Alegría 24 Oct 18

As with most things in life, great results come from assessing what happened before and improving it. martin-adams-707915-unsplash copyThe annual Black Friday retail bonanza is no different.

As this is one of the busiest periods for retailers, it’s easy to resort to old ‘batch-and-blast’ habits for the sake of increased revenue. A few minor tweaks can be all that’s needed to achieve better engagement, standing out from the Cyber Weekend crowd and positively impact long-term relationships with customers. 

We analysed hundreds of thousands of marketing interactions for Black Friday 2017 to spot the biggest trends. In this post we’ll take a look at how you can use those trends to your advantage; applying last-minute changes that take your campaigns from mass send to mass appeal.

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Consumer Census 2018: What 16-24 year olds tell us about the future of marketing

Posted by Alegría 18 Oct 18

kipras-streimikis-589185-unsplash copyDemanding, easily distracted and suffering from ‘avocado hand’: Millennials often get a bad rap. And what of their successors, Gen Z? Digital natives, Snapchat addicts who are more concerned with taking a great selfie than partying (according to some).

Whether or not these titles are deserved, both groups represent the future, shaping expectations about how brands should communicate with customers for years to come.

As part of our Consumer Census we looked at the responses from these two generations tell us about the future of marketing. Here are 5 things we found:


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5 interesting findings from talking to 1000 consumers about retailers' marketing messages

Posted by Alegría 10 Oct 18

There has been constant talk about ‘rising customer expectations’ and the need for retailers to match Banner and social ads 2018_Organic social-min-1those if they want to be as successful as brands like ASOS and Farfetch. But 'customer expectations' is quite a broad term - what do we actually mean when we talk about it? What are those expectations? Luckily for you, we spoke to 1000 consumers to find out exactly what those expectations are, as well as the things retailers do that frustrate them and make them feel undervalued.

We've deep-dived into our findings and discovered there’s a lot that consumers want and specific ways they’d like to receive them. Below, we’ve picked out five interesting takeaways that may make you reassess your current strategy. But we sure to download the census for more on your customer’s expectations.


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