5 Ecommerce Marketing Stories You Should Have Read This Week

Posted by Abi Davies 20 May 16

Ecommerce marketing news In the ever-changing world of ecommerce, you have to stay on top of news if you want to be ahead of the game.

We’re well aware this is easier said than done. Trawling through news sources every morning, when you have a million and one other things to do, can eat away at time and energy that you just don’t have.

That’s why we’ve introduced a Friday News Bulletin. At the end of every week, we’ll throw on a fedora, slip into a trench and whip out the Ometrian magnifying (smart)glass ready to collect all of the top industry headlines into one, succinct blog post.

Coffee brewed and reading glasses on? Here are this week’s top stories.

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giphy.gif1) Google introduces shopping ads on image search

In the last year alone, mobile shopping searches on Google have risen by 30%. According to Google’s AdWords blog, those who search and shop on their mobiles at least once a week say that product images are the shopping feature they turn to most. The most popular questions users of Google Image ask are: “What’s the price of this” and “Where can I buy it?”. It is for this reason that the tech giant has announced it is introducing Shopping ads - or product listing ads - on image search. What does this mean for e-tailers, exactly? It means your ads “for related products will appear as shoppers browse Google Images”.

How are brands responding so far? Positively, apparently. Yelena Aschberger, Vice President of Digital Communication, PR & Events at Swarovski CGB, said: “...We’re thrilled to be able to leverage Google’s newest formats, particularly Shopping ads on image search which will allow us to engage shoppers and inspire them to desire our brand as they’re browsing and discovering products in our categories.”

Source: Google AdWords blog

2) Almost half of all ecommerce transactions in Q1 2016 on phones or tablets

Research from tech company Criteo has revealed that 48.9% of ecommerce transactions in the first three months of 2016 were on mobile phones or tablets. This compares to 43% during the same period last year.

Apple devices have been the most popular medium for ecommerce transactions, with the iPhone making up 39% of all transactions on mobile devices.

The research also showed that, today, 39% of all transactions involve more than one device on the path from browsing to purchasing.

Source: Campaign

3) Are free returns having a negative impact on ecommerce?

ecommerce news Elsewhere in the ecommerce world, a miniature storm is brewing over research suggesting free returns could thwart ecommerce success in the UK.

The research, which comes from Barclaycard, suggests that free return policies might be “damaging profits for many British online businesses”.

According to Barclaycard, over 50% of retailers have said that looking after the “day-to-day cost of dealing with returns” is having a negative impact on their business. Moreover, one in five said they have increased prices in a bid to cancel out the cost of returns. Oh dear.

Source: Techweek Europe

4) Introducing the Google Assistant

Ready for more Google news? Good, because it just keeps coming.

Google is “pleased to introduce” the Google assistant, which it describes on its blog as “an ongoing two-way dialogue between you and Google that understands your world and helps you get things gone”. Promising, no?

Described as “a Google for you, by you”, Google claims its assistant will be able to help you with a myriad of things - from making it easier to purchase film tickets whilst on the go to finding a good place to eat before the curtains part and adverts begin.

Source: Google blog

5) Mobile outperforms desktop for PPC search clicks in America

Calling all adwords/PPC marketers! Are you optimising for mobile? Well, you should, because according to Smart Insights it makes up over half of clicks in the US.

The below graph from Marketing Charts shows that, in the first quarter of 2016, tablet and mobile combined made up 53% of paid search clicks, compared to just 25% in 2013.



Source: Smart Insights


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